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Anti-Abortion Extremist Who Shot Doctor And Bombed Clinics Is Freed From Prison

Anti-abortion extremist Shelley Johnson, who never apologized for shooting a doctor and fireboming several abortion clinics, has been released from federal prison, sparking fears from pro-choice groups that she could continue promoting violence.

Rachelle “Shelley” Shannon left the Waseca Federal Correctional Facility in Minnesota on Monday. She was transported to a halfway house in Portland, Oregon, where she will reside for several months before a final release, according to The Kansas City Star in Missouri.

Shannon had been sentenced to 11 years in prison after shooting and wounding George Tiller, an abortion doctor and outspoken pro-choice advocate, in 1993. She was arrested several hours after the shooting. After being booked, police discovered a letter written to her daughter that detailed the crime.

“I’m not denying I shot Tiller,” she wrote. “But I deny that it was wrong. It was the most holy, most righteous thing I’ve ever done. I have no regrets.”

She received

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Cosmo DiNardo Takes Plea Deal For Life In Prison, But Cousin Will Face Death Penalty Trial

Confessed spree killer Cosmo DiNardo pleaded guilty Wednesday to the murders of four young men and received a life sentence.

His cousin Sean Kratz, who authorities have alleged to be Dinardo’s accomplice, surprised the court by refusing to accept a plea deal. He will face a death penalty trial, according to prosecutors. 

DiNardo confessed to killing former classmate Jimi Patrick, 19, last July because Patrick came up thousands of dollars short in a deal with DiNardo for four pounds of pot. Days later, DiNardo and Kratz allegedly killed three other young men — Dean Finocchiaro, 19; Thomas Meo, 21; and Mark Sturgis, 22 — and then roasted the bodies in a pig cooker on DiNardo’s family farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Kratz is charged in three of four murders.

DiNardo had previously been committed to a psychiatric unit to be treated for schizophrenia, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

During the hearing Wednesday, family members of the victims lashed out

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Calling Killer Nanny ‘Pure Evil,’ Judge Sentences Her To Life in Prison

Calling the New York City nanny who stabbed a 2-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl to death “pure evil,” a judge sentenced Yoselyn Ortega on Monday to life in state prison, without the possibility of parole.

Ortega stabbed Leo and Lucia Krim to death with a 13-inch kitchen knife in the bathroom of their family’s Upper West Side apartment on October 25, 2012. In April, she was convicted of two counts of first degree murder and two counts of second degree murder.

Ortega was hired by the children’s’ parents, Marina and Kevin Krim, in 2010, when Marina became pregnant with the couple’s third child, Leo, according to evidence presented during Ortega’s trial. Kevin Krim, a digital media executive at CNBC, believed hiring the nanny was necessary, he testified, because he was working 12-hour days.

On the day of the murders, Krim was on a plane returning from a business trip to the West Coast

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Golden State Killer: Did The Wrong Man Serve Decades In Prison For One Of His Murders?

A man who spent nearly four decades behind bars for murder may have been wrongly convicted of a crime that was, in fact, committed by the Golden State Killer.

Police are investigating whether Joseph DeAngelo, the suspected Golden State Killer, is the true culprit behind the killing that put Craig Coley, 70, behind bars until last November.

“(It’s) within the realm of possibility that (DeAngelo) could be a suspect in our case,” Simi Valley Deputy Chief Joseph May told CBS KCAL 9 in Los Angeles.

Coley was convicted in the murder of his ex-girlfriend and her 4-year-old son in 1980. Rhonda Wicht, 24, was found raped, beaten and strangled with a macramé rope in her Los Angeles apartment. Her son Donald was smothered and suffocated in his own bed, according to prosecutors.

Coley was pardoned after police found new DNA evidence that didn’t place him at the crime scene, and he was released only

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Texas Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Stomping Toddler Girl To Death

A Texas man who had faced the death penalty for stomping an 18-month-old baby to death was instead sentenced to life in prison on Monday, the Fort-Worth Star Telegram reported.

Joshua Beard, 24, was convicted of killing his girlfriend’s child, Tylea Moore, in July 2014. He also received a 20-year sentence for evidence tampering. The sentences will be served concurrently.

According to Beard’s arrest warrant, he and his girlfriend, Alexis Botello, then 17, were at their home on July 4 when Beard called Tylea “the little demon” and threw her onto a bed with such force that she bounced up and landed on the floor.

That’s when Beard repeatedly stomped on the baby’s stomach until she vomited, Botello told police.

When she tried to stop Beard, he choked and beat her too, Botello said.

When the couple realized Tylea had stopped breathing, the couple tried to revive her with CPR, but failed.

They then took Tylea’s

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Dead Inmates Were Stacked Like "Woodpile" After South Carolina Prison Riot, Prisoner Says

Bodies of the prisoners who died in a South Carolina prison riot this week ended up stacked on top of each other on a sidewalk like a “macabre woodpile,” an inmate said Tuesday.

An inmate the Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville, speaking anonymously to the Associated Press, claimed that correctional officers didn’t help any of the dying prisoners.

The guards “never even attempted to render aid, nor quell the disturbance,” the inmate said. “They just sat in the control bubble, called the issue in, then sat on their collective asses.”

A brawl broke out Sunday night at the maximum security lockup, apparently over a turf war involving money, cell phones and territory within the prison, officials said. It spread across three housing units and led to “multiple inmate-on-inmate altercations” until guards contained the chaos around 7 a.m. The riot left seven inmates dead and another 17 injured.

The inmate told the Associated

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Texas Man Who Cut Out College Student’s Heart Sentenced To Life In Prison

A Texas fitness instructor was sentenced to life behind bars on Monday for the 2016 killing of a Texas college student. A jury found Charles Bryant, 31, guilty on first-degree murder charges for the gory death of 24-year-old Jacqueline Vandagriff, a student at Texas Woman’s University.

Vandagriff’s victim’s heart was cut out, and her dismembered and burnt body was left in a kiddie pool in a park. Bryant had confessed to dismembering and burning a college student’s body after claiming she died during kinky sex gone wrong.

During the trial, which began earlier this month, Bryant’s attorney Glynis McGinty argued Bryant and Vandagriff had consensual rough sex in Bryant’s car after they met in a bar on September 13. She claimed that Bryant used a zip tie for autoerotic asphyxiation,  according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Then, she claimed her client panicked and tried to cover up her death.

The prosecution,

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Riot At South Carolina Maximum Security Prison Leaves Seven Inmates Dead

A massive overnight riot at a maximum-security prison in South Carolina left at least seven inmates dead as guards scrambled for hours to restore order, authorities said Monday. It is the deadliest incident at a South Carolina prison for at least several years, according to the Associated Press.

A clash among inmates at the Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville erupted around 7:15 p.m. Sunday and spread across three housing units, with “multiple inmate-on-inmate altercations,” the state’s Corrections Department said. It took until about 3 a.m. Monday until the violence ended. At least 17 inmates were injured, although no prison staff or law enforcement were harmed.

The incident that set off the riots is unknown. None of the dead or injured inmates has been identified.

The Lee Correctional Institution is home to some of the most violent and longest-serving inmates in South Carolina, and a former warden recently called it Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/lee-correctional-institution-south-carolina-prison-riot-inmates-dead

Airman Gets Life In Prison For Murdering Colleague, Wrote In Journal ‘I Just Like Killing’

An airman who detailed in a journal how much he enjoyed murdering a colleague at a U.S. Air Force base has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

Airman 1st Class Timothy M. Wilsey, of Valdosta, Georgia, pleaded guilty April 5 to the murder of Airman 1st Class Rhianda N. Dillard at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, the Air Force said. He also pleaded guilty to desertion. The Air Force also gave him a dishonorable discharge and reduced his rank to the lowest possible.

Dillard, 20, was found dead August 1, 2016 in her dorm room at Offutt. Weeks after her murder, Wilsey, then 20, was arrested in connection with her death. Police found a journal in which Wilsey wrote with no remorse about the slaying.

He explained how he sat next to Dillard on her dorm bed, trying to work up the nerve to attack her. After two failed attempts,

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Menendez Brothers Reunited In Prison After 21 Years Apart

Reunited and it feels so … murdery?

The Menendez brothers have been reunited inside a California prison after more than two decades apart.

The siblings were convicted in 1996 of murdering their parents inside their Beverly Hills mansion on On August 20, 1989.

Now, Erik Menendez 47, and Lyle Menendez, 50, are now under a home once again, only this time it’s inside a corrections facility The Associated Press reported.

The prison moved Erik into Lyle’s housing unit of San Diego’s R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility on Wednesday. Erik was transferred to the prison from Northern California in February but until this week, the brothers were in separate units. In 1995, the brothers asked to be jailed together but a Beverly Hills detective said they may conspire to escape if put together. Erik’s lawyer called the decision to house them separately “heartless” at the time.

Corrections department spokeswoman Terry Thornton said she doesn’t know how

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