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Preview Dick Wolf’s latest true crime series Murder For Hire

Murder For Hire is Dick Wolf’s third true crime program for Oxygen, taking viewers inside contract killings. Watch a preview of the premiere now.

Dick Wolf‘s true crime brand is growing again, as Oxygen premieres Murder For Hire, a new show produced by Wolf Reality that investigates people who tried to have other people killed.

From upset spouses who want their other half eliminated to jealous relatives trying to get ahead, there are multitudes of stories about people who are willing to hire someone to murder somebody close to them. While they aren’t willing to do the deed themselves, they’re willing to go pretty far to achieve the same results.

But there are undercover investigators who are able to set up these would-be murderers and make sure they’re stopped, and those are the stories that this new series tells. Featuring candid talks with both investigators and

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‘Supernatural’ Halloween Preview: Dean Faces His ‘Childhood Nightmare Hero’

A Nightmare on Elm Street. Friday the 13th. In its November 1 episode, “Mint Condition,” Supernatural harks back to the bloodfests of the ’80s.

The 'Supernatural' Guys on Reaching 300 Episodes, On-Set Pranks  Other Burning Questions

The ‘Supernatural’ Guys on Reaching 300 Episodes, On-Set Pranks Other Burning Questions

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins answer fan queries, talk character relationships, and more.

While Sam (Padalecki) has zero interest in Halloween, his brother, Dean (Ackles), worships the spooky holiday — especially as seen onscreen. “Dean is a big fan of an old [fictional] slasher flick called All Saints’ Day,” says Ackles. “This Halloween, he’ll get a chance to face one of his childhood nightmare heroes.”

Supernatural - Supernatural Ep. 1404b -- Mint Condition --

The villain in question is “The Hatchet Man” — or, in this case, a possessed, life-size version of

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UFC 229 Preview: Waterson vs. Herrig

Waterson and Herrig are similar in multiple ways, right down to the fact that they both have 21 professional fights under their belts as they ready to reach 22 together in Las Vegas. While Waterson comes from a karate background and Herrig is more of a Muay Thai stylist, they’re both strikers at heart with solid submission skills and scrambling abilities in their back pockets should the action hit the canvas.

Neither has the fight-altering power of top contender Jessica Andrade or the dominant wrestling skills of rising star Tatiana Suarez, but both are high output, high cardio, high pace veterans with a propensity for delivering entertaining performances whenever they step into the Octagon.

What makes this contest so compelling, however, is where these two women are at in their respective careers and how that fits within the current landscape of the 115-pound weight division.

Although Herrig enters next weekend’s main card opener

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‘Superstore’ Preview: It’s About to Get Super Awkward for Amy & Jonah (VIDEO)

Clean up on Aisle Jamy!

When Superstore wrapped its third season back in May, fans saw the long-awaited get-down between Amy (America Ferrera) and Jonah (Ben Feldman). And thanks to a hidden camera and a live-stream feed, so too did the entire global Cloud 9 employee roster!

Eden Sher to Guest Star on 'Superstore' Ahead of 'The Middle' Spinoff

Eden Sher to Guest Star on ‘Superstore’ Ahead of ‘The Middle’ Spinoff

Cloud 9 is on the search for another great employee.

You see, the entire team had gathered for a webcast town hall with their shady CEO when they bore witness to this rendezvous.

So how can the Sam and Diane of big-box retail rebound from their now-notorious backroom liaison? Well, based on this exclusive sneak peek at Season 4, it won’t be easy but at least the scandal has scored one of them a pretty baller new

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Fox to Air OJ Simpson’s Unseen ‘If I Did It’ Interview — Watch The Preview

More than a decade after it was recorded, Fox will air O.J. Simpson’s infamous “If I Did It” interview in which he hypothesizes about the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

“O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession,” will feature the disgraced football hero’s 2006 interview with ex-Harper Collins publisher Judith Regan which he made to promote his book “If I Did It.”

The interview will air on March 11 at 8 p.m. on Fox, according to Variety.  

Regan was fired from Harper Collins over her decision to publish his book “If I Did It.” The company also scrapped the book, which was publihed elsewhere. Later, Regan sued Harper Collins’ parent company which resulted in a settlement of over $10 million dollars, The New York Times reported. The original interview never aired after it received harsh criticism from the victim’s families, according to The Hollywood

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