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PCPA presents Central Coast premiere of ‘Shakespeare in Love’

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Watch the First 5 Minutes of ‘The Blacklist’ Season 6 Premiere Now (VIDEO)

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We Might Have a ‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 Premiere Date Thanks to a Netflix Leak

The Black Mirror drought might finally be coming to an end… and soon.

According to Forbes and a now-deleted tweet from a verified Netflix account, Season 5’s first episode will premiere on the streamer on Friday, December 28. From the tweet, fans also learned that the first episode will be titled, “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.”

'YOU' Moves to Netflix for Season 2 as Lifetime Plans to Focus on Movies

‘YOU’ Moves to Netflix for Season 2 as Lifetime Plans to Focus on Movies

The first season will become available on Dec. 26.

This date isn’t surprising considering Season 4  — containing six episodes — dropped on December 29, 2017.

Back in October, Bloomberg reported that the new season will have an interactive element: Viewers will be able to choose between different story lines which will then affect the plot and what

Read more at: https://www.tvinsider.com/735385/black-mirror-season-5-premiere-leak/

‘Shadowhunters’ Legacy! Freeform Announces Premiere Date for the Final Episodes

Fret not, Shadowhunters fans — the series is coming to an end, but not just yet!

We now have something to officially look forward to this winter, as the cast of the Freeform series took to social media Saturday to drop the big news: the supernatural drama, adapted from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments novels, will be back for more episodes for its final season (also known as Season 3B) starting Monday, February 25!

'Shadowhunters' Series Finale: Harry Shum Jr. Posts Photo From Set

‘Shadowhunters’ Series Finale: Harry Shum Jr. Posts Photo From Set

He plays Magnus Bane on the Freefrom series.

In June, Freeform announced that the series would be coming to an end with the second half of the season. The final episodes will also include a two-hour finale.

Though it was originally reported that the title for these episodes would be Shadowhunters: The Final Hunt, the promo posted by the cast

Read more at: https://www.tvinsider.com/728713/shadowhunters-season-3b-premiere-final-episodes-freeform/

‘Murder in the Family’ Premiere: Geraldo Rivera on Celebrities Who’ve Suffered Family Tragedies

Controversial journalist Geraldo Rivera, who got his start as a WABC news reporter in 1970s New York City, is back on the crime beat to delve into tragedies striking celebrities.

Here, he talks about his “respectful” new Reelz series, Murder in the Family, and how it feeds the “never-ending appetite” for true crime.

See Eric Bana as a Creepy Con Man in the Teaser for 'Dirty John' (VIDEO)

See Eric Bana as a Creepy Con Man in the Teaser for ‘Dirty John’ (VIDEO)

The Bravo true crime series, co-starring Connie Britton, debuts this November.

The first episode is about Jennifer Hudson. Three family members were shot and killed by her former brother-in-law in 2008. Why this story?

Geraldo Rivera: What is most interesting is how she was able to pick up the pieces of a broken life, the taking of her mom and her little nephew in

Read more at: https://www.tvinsider.com/724894/murder-in-the-family-premiere-geraldo-rivera-interview/

‘Fuller House’ Season 4 to Premiere in December — Get Your First Look! (PHOTOS)

Spend the holidays with the Fuller House crew!

Netflix just announced that Season 4 of the revival will premiere on Friday, December 14. Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and other cast members made a short but fun video celebrating the exciting news.

The fourth season will include a few new faces such as Josh Peck, Maria Canals-Barrera, Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner, and Lainie Kazan.

Candace Cameron Bure Talks Hallmark Movies, 'Fuller House,' and Why She Doesn't Miss 'The View'

Candace Cameron Bure Talks Hallmark Movies, ‘Fuller House,’ and Why She Doesn’t Miss ‘The View’

Plus, she gets candid about why she doesn’t miss ‘The View’ and how ‘DWTS’ changed her.

The series is also being helmed by new showrunners

Read more at: https://www.tvinsider.com/727354/fuller-house-season-4-premiere-date-photos/

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Premiere: Pride’s ‘Struggle to Survive,’ Mark Harmon’s Guest Spot & More

Three Bullets to the chest would end the career of someone only half as storied as Special Agent Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) in NCIS: New Orleans. Instead, Pride gets promoted…after the drama’s Season 5 opener, that is.

The episode, which guest stars NCIS’s Mark Harmon, tracks “his struggle and his choice to survive, which is basically a miracle,” says new showrunner Christopher Silber. He then becomes a regional NCIS supervisor, adds Silber, “giving him a broader purview and a new set of challenges.”

CBS Fall 2018 Premiere Dates: 'NCIS,' 'Bull,' 'Murphy Brown' Revival  More

CBS Fall 2018 Premiere Dates: ‘NCIS,’ ‘Bull,’ ‘Murphy Brown’ Revival More

Plus, find out when the ‘Murphy Brown’ revival will kick off.

Hannah Khoury (Necar Zadegan, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce), a special agent of Persian descent, takes Pride’s old job. “She’s worked all over the world [and

Read more at: https://www.tvinsider.com/714901/ncis-new-orleans-pride-shot-season-5-premiere/

Oxygen to Premiere New Season of CRIMINAL CONFESSIONS

Oxygen to Premiere New Season of CRIMINAL CONFESSIONS

Oxygen Media, the network for high-quality crime programming, premieres a new and exhilarating season of “Criminal Confessions” on Saturday, October 6 at 8pm ET/PT. From Executive Producer Dick Wolf and Shed Media, “Criminal Confessions” gives an inside look into actual police interrogations around the country with detectives who will stop at nothing until they find justice. Each standalone episode reveals the keen strategies and tactics law enforcement use to get the ultimate truth out of suspects, resulting in jaw-dropping confessions that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

“We are continuing to give viewers an inside look into the investigation of criminals, with an emphasis on the psychological component of confessions,” said Wolf. “This gives crime buffs insight into a side of police work that has

Read more at: https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/Oxygen-to-Premiere-New-Season-of-CRIMINAL-CONFESSIONS-20180914

‘NCIS’ Premiere: A Time Jump, a Crossover & a ‘Period of Adjustment’ Post-Abby

The closing moments in Season 15 of NCIS saw terrorists kidnap NCIS director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll), and, executive producer Frank Cardea says, “We pick up literally a few hours after we left you.”

At least until the opening credits. Then the action jumps a month ahead, with Special Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) — now acting director — coordinating the still-ongoing search.

'NCIS' Star Brian Dietzen Opens Up About Season 16 Without Pauley Perrette

‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Opens Up About Season 16 Without Pauley Perrette

‘I’m bummed to see you go, but I’m also excited to see what you do next,’ said the actor.

The cast is also facing an offscreen challenge as they enter the first season without fan favorite Pauley Perrette. “When Michael Weatherly left two years ago, it was a period of adjustment,” Cardea says. “I think we’ll probably go through

Read more at: https://www.tvinsider.com/714903/ncis-premiere-2018-time-jump-crossover-abby-exit/

‘Criminal Minds’ Premiere: Luke Perry Returns — Plus, a Sneak Peek at the 300th Episode (PHOTOS)

Criminal Minds premiered way back in 2005 and it’s now about to celebrate its 300th episode.

To help commemorate the milestone, executive producer Erica Messer teased that fans will be seeing a few familiar faces in the episode — including Beverly Hills, 90210 alum and current Riverdale star Luke Perry.

How 'Criminal Minds' Will Address That Cliffhanger in the Season 14 Premiere

How ‘Criminal Minds’ Will Address That Cliffhanger in the Season 14 Premiere

Reid and Garcia are in danger and the BAU team is running out of time.

“A lot of exploration of the history of the show in the 300th episode, right from jump,” she tells Entertainment Weekly. “Even when we would normally be doing a ‘previously on Criminal Minds, we give a little history lesson of the current team on the show.”

Perry is back as cult leader Benjamin Cyrus, who first appeared in the Season 4

Read more at: https://www.tvinsider.com/gallery/criminal-minds-season-14-premiere-luke-perry-300th-episode/