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Texarkana native, former homicide detective, feels the ‘Price of Duty’

For nearly three decades, Danny J. Agan enforced the law in Atlanta, Ga., including conducting homicide investigations in a city at one time considered the murder capital of the nation.

Of all the cases Agan worked, it was the investigation of a serial rapist that became one of the most memorable and haunting of his career. It involved a perpetrator who manipulated victims and, in one instance, seemed to taunt the police face-to-face.

Agan, a Texarkana native who lived here the first dozen years of his life, rose through the ranks to retire in 2003 as the Atlanta Police Department homicide commander.

In his long and storied career, he was a high profile, fedora-wearing presence, often appearing on TV to give press briefings, and on some level he dealt with 800 murders, whether directly or through his detectives. His job included some early investigative work on cases that involved Wayne Williams, a convicted

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Harlan native wins lead film role

Harlan County horror movie fans have a special treat to look forward to soon. A hometown girl has earned the lead role in an upcoming horror feature.

Harlan native Ashe Parker has secured the lead role – her first – in an upcoming horror sequel currently shooting under the title D.F.I.T.W. The film began shooting in Ohio this week.

Parker explained how she landed the job.

“I was actually looking at another director’s projects,” Parker said. “He mentioned the director of this film, Shawn Burkett, may need someone, so I contacted the director personally.”

Parker said Burkett was also considering an actress from Los Angeles for the role when she contacted him.

“They offered the role to me, and I’m really excited about it,” Parker said. “I’ve always wanted to be in a horror film.”

Parker will fill the role of Nurse Vanessa, the head nurse at a summer camp.

“We’ll be filming on location in Oxford,

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Summerville native staying busy as freelance actor

Maybe one day someone wakes up and questions if what they are doing in life is truly making them happy.

Such was the case for Lane Lovegrove, a Summerville native who is now landing roles as a professional freelance actor.

Lovegrove graduated from Summerville High in 1994, where he was active in speech and debate. He studied theater at Spartanburg Methodist College in the 1990s. He later studied political science from 2004 to 2008 at Winthrop University. He also worked at Winthrop for the SBRL, a public opinion research institution.

Lovegrove said he wanted to be a lobbyist for a long time – while he is an actor now, he said he still follows politics a good bit.

Lovegrove has worked as a professional actor since 2013. Realizing he wasn’t “getting any younger” and wanting to renew his childhood dreams in his 30s, Lovegrove decided to get back into acting.

“Once you figure out your

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