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Convicted Killer Says He Doesn’t Regret Murdering His Cellmate — An Accused Child Molester

A California man said this week he had no apologies and no remorse for murdering his cellmate — who was an accused child molester.

Gary Dale Poole, 67, was sentenced on Tuesday to 75 years to life in prison for the April 2014 murder of Michael Stauff, 62, according to The Fresno Bee. Stauff was awaiting trial on child sex abuse charges at the time of his death, the Associated Press reported.

“Mercy was mixed with justice. He met his maker,” Poole said during the sentencing, calling the killing a public service.

His admission was surprising because he had denied his role in Stauff’s death at the Fresno County jail throughout his trial in March. He claimed that Stauff had commited suicide with torn bed sheets wrapped around his neck. The jury didn’t buy it — finding Poole guilty in less than an hour, the Fresno Bee reported.

Superior Court Judge Jonathan

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AWOL Marine Charged With Murdering His Missing Grandmother

An 18-year-old Marine has been charged with murder after police found the body of his missing grandmother.

Isaiah Kahleal Evans Caesar was charged on Saturday, nearly a month after he went AWOL from his post in Fort Benning in Georgia, ABC11 in Durham reported. 

Police discovered the body of his grandmother Sallie Copeland Evans, 74, near a highway in Roanoke Rapids the night before. Her family had filed a missing persons report after they didn’t hear from Evans for several days.

Caesar had been absent without leave since April 2 and was wanted for desertion. Before Evans’ death, she had tried convincing him to return to his post, the family said.

Willie Patterson, Evans’ neighbor of around 20 years, told ABC11 that Evans had even asked him to join her and Caesar on a drive to Camp Lejeune, a nearby military base, where she reportedly planned to talk to Caesar about resuming his military career. Warning bells went

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David Jungerman Accidentally Admits To Murdering Tom Pickert …

On Wednesday, a Kansas City man was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action for the shooting of a lawyer who sued him and won, The Kansas City Star reported. David Jungerman, 80, was taken into custody after a search warrant by police revealed a tape recorder with an apparent confession on it.

“People, uh, know that I murdered that son of a bitch,” Jungerman is quoted as saying, possibly referring to attorney Tom Pickert.

Pickert was sitting on his front porch on October 25 after he walked his kids to school when someone came up and fatally shot him in the right temple, according to Northeast News. His wife found him sprawled on the ground. It was a day after Jungerman was served a property liens to help satisfy a $5.75 million civil judgement Pickert won against him in court, according to the newspaper.

Witnesses told police they saw an

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Airman Gets Life In Prison For Murdering Colleague, Wrote In Journal ‘I Just Like Killing’

An airman who detailed in a journal how much he enjoyed murdering a colleague at a U.S. Air Force base has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

Airman 1st Class Timothy M. Wilsey, of Valdosta, Georgia, pleaded guilty April 5 to the murder of Airman 1st Class Rhianda N. Dillard at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, the Air Force said. He also pleaded guilty to desertion. The Air Force also gave him a dishonorable discharge and reduced his rank to the lowest possible.

Dillard, 20, was found dead August 1, 2016 in her dorm room at Offutt. Weeks after her murder, Wilsey, then 20, was arrested in connection with her death. Police found a journal in which Wilsey wrote with no remorse about the slaying.

He explained how he sat next to Dillard on her dorm bed, trying to work up the nerve to attack her. After two failed attempts,

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Trial Starts For Virginia Tech Student Charged With Murdering 13-Year-Old Girl After Alleged Hookup

A former Virginia Tech student is on trial for the murder of a 13-year-old girl he allegedly stabbed following their hookup. As Fox News reports, David Eisenhauer is on trial for first-degree murder in Christiansburg, Virginia for the death of Nicole Lovell in 2016.

Prosecutors allege that Lovell climbed out her bedroom window in January 2016 to meet Eisenhauer. He was 18 at the time and a freshman majoring in engineering at Virginia Tech. He and the victim, who was in middle school, were allegedly in a relationship.

Her nude body was found three days later, covered in stab wounds, over the state line in North Carolina. Her family discovered her missing the next morning after they moved a dresser that she had pushed to the front of her bedroom door. “She had a huge boy crush kind of thing,” said the victim’s mother Terry. “But in the same sense, it was kind of innocent, you

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Driver Accused Of Intentionally Mowing Down, Murdering Newlywed Couple

A driver is being charged in the intentional death of two young newlyweds in love. According to the Idaho Statesman, 22-year-old Matthew Parkison and 17-year-old Amelia Parkinson were walking hand-in-hand on a sidewalk in Fruitland, Idaho on June 24. At about 3 p.m., a car veered off of U.S. 95 and hit the couple. 

They died at the scene.

The driver was 37-year-old  Jason L. Verwer, a local man. As KTVB 7 reports, the suspect was charged with two counts of second-degree murder. The prosecution said that there’s no indication that the suspect knew the victims.

An autopsy was done and according to the pathologist, the cause of death was lethal traumatic blunt force. The pair was visibly in love. Shared the Payette County coroner sadly, “She was wearing a shirt that said, ‘I love you to the moon and back.'” He added, emphasizing their young life cut too short: “Just the thought of those innocent young lives walking

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Drew Atchison Charged With Murdering Parents, Toddler | Crime Time

A Missouri man has been charged with the gruesome killing of a toddler and her entire family. According to Fox News, 24-year-old Drew Atchison of Williamsville, Missouri has been charged in the deaths of 23-year-old Samara Fontaine Kitts, her high school sweetheart and boyfriend, 24-year-old Harley Michael Million, and their toddler daughter, 17-month-old Willa Fontaine Million (all seen above from their 2018 holiday photo).

Atchison reportedly fatally stabbed the two parents on Thursday at their home, per court documents. He then placed the bodies in the truck belonging to Million. The toddler was kept locked in a room overnight with dogs. The next day, the suspect returned to the home to apparently destroy evidence of the crime. At that point, he kidnapped the toddler and took her to the woods nearby. He disposed of the murder weapon, which was the knife he used on the parents, and then fatally shot the

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Man Arrested For Sexually Assaulting, Murdering Missing Mother Of 2 Who Vanished In December

A man has been arrested and accused of sexually assaulting and killing a missing mother of two. According to the Coloradoan, 30-year-old Khalid White made his first appearance in a Colorado court at the Larimer County Justice Center. White is accused of murdering 41-year-old Kimberlee Graves.

White has been charged with eight felonies: first-degree murder after deliberation, two counts of felony murder, sexual assault with a weapon resulting in serious bodily injury, robbery, tampering with a deceased human body, identity theft and motor vehicle theft.

As People reported, 41-year-old Graves vanished under suspicious circumstances on December 4, 2017. Authorities found her home ransacked, and her car was found over a week later in a parking garage. Her remains were found in Lory State Park by a park employee on January 9. Following a coroner’s examination, Graves’ cause of death was ruled a homicide by blunt force head

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Mother’s Boyfriend Charged With Murdering 3-Year-Old Mariah Woods

More details have emerged about the tragic death of 3-year-old Mariah Woods, who was found dead in North Carolina back in December. This week, her mother’s live-in boyfriend was charged with the girl’s murder following an autopsy report. That report revealed that Woods died from chloroform toxicity, the Onslow County, North Carolina, Sheriff’s Office stated on Wednesday.

As People explained, a chloroform-soaked rag is often used by criminals to knock people out in popular culture and media.

The suspect, Adolphus Earl Kimrey, 32, was already in custody. He was arrested in December in connection with the little girl’s disappearance on charges of obstruction of justice, conceal an unattended death, possession of stolen goods, second-degree burglary and larceny after breaking and entering, according to the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office

Now, those charges have been upgraded. He has been charged with first-degree murder and felony child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury/death. It

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Woman Accused Of Murdering Husband Allegedly Searched ‘How To Kill Someone And Not Get Caught’

You can Google anything, even how to get away with murder. According to People, a Texas woman allegedly searched for how to kill and get away with killing her husband.

Sandra Louise Garner, 55, from Maypearl, Texas, was charged with killing her 42-year-old husband Jon after authorities went through her browser history and found “how to kill someone and not get caught” on a seized device.

On January 2, Garner called 911 and claimed “she was awakened that night by two gunshots and saw a masked male holding a gun and flashlight inside her residence,” reported the Star-Telegram. According to Garner, the masked man said he would not hurt her, and his only issue was with her husband.

“Ms. Garner told investigators that the intruder told her he was not there to harm her. Ms. Garner said the perpetrator told her he held a grudge against her husband because

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