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‘Criminal Confessions’: Detective In Jenelle Potter Double-Murder Believes CIA Agent Was Never Real (EXCLUSIVE)

You’re not going to want to miss this, true crime fans. Oxygen’s show Criminal Confessions returns for Season 2 on Saturday Oct. 13 at 8 p.m., and the first story they’ll cover is one of the wildest yet. The show, executive produced by Dick Wolf, will recount the case of Jenelle Potter, a sickly girl who seemingly fell in love with her friend’s brother. That brother was Billy Payne Jr. and his fiancée was Billie Jean Hayworth. Jenelle accused the pair of harassing her on Facebook non-stop, and then one day, they were found murdered with their baby nearby. Watch the exclusive sneak peek, above! 

The story takes some wild twists and turns including a mysterious CIA agent, a secret boyfriend, Jenelle’s over-protective parents, and fake online personas before four people end up charged with murder. Recently, In Touch spoke exclusively with Detective Scott Lott,

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Former Rome detective recounts brutal murder case for television show





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Murder of ‘Killing Fields’ star Haing Ngor still haunts detective: ‘I didn’t have any answers’

Actor Haing Ngor won Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Killing Fields at the 1985 Oscars.

Actor Haing Ngor won “Best Supporting Actor” for his role in “The Killing Fields” at the 1985 Oscars.

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Brother And Sister Convicted Of 1978 Murder And Dismemberment Using Chainsaw

In June 2007, an excavator digging up land in the backyard of a residence in Puyallup, Washington made a gruesome discovery while on the job: a black plastic bag filled with human bones. Investigators descended upon the scene, discovering 51 more bones connected to the same individual.

The forensic team determined that the bones had been dismembered using a chainsaw, and had been buried for approximately 30 years.

While the owner of the home said it had been rented as far back as the 1970’s to multiple tenants, investigators eventually received a call from a Missing Person’s Unit that had learned about the bones on the local news.

Turns out, the Unit had a missing person connected to the address of the residence: a man named Joseph Terricone. The case is the subject of Oxygen’s new show, “Buried in the Backyard,” airing Sundays at 7/6c.

After Terricone’s daughter, Gypsy, confirmed she hadn’t seen

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Hoarding Nightmare: Man Charged with Murder After Contractor Died Digging Tunnels Under His Home

A bizarre home in suburban Maryland — with hundreds of feet of tunnels running at least 20 feet below the surface — is now the center of a murder investigation.

Daniel Beckwitt, 27, allegedly hired 21-year-old Askia Khafra to help him dig the tunnels. During a fire last September, rescuers discovered Khafra’s naked, charred body in Beckwitt’s basement. Officials said he died of smoke inhalation.

Cops charged Beckwitt with second-degree “depraved heart” murder last Friday, saying he showed “extreme disregard” for the 21-year-old’s life, according to an arrest report obtained by Oxygen.com.

Beckwitt’s reason for digging the strange tunnels remains a mystery. Investigators described the house as a hoarding nightmare, with “immense piles of garbage” and “narrow, maze-like pathways,” in the arrest report. The strange network of tunnels stretched out beneath city streets, authorities said.

Beckwitt allegedly hired Khafra multiple times to work on his tunnel system. On each occasion, he insisted Khafra wear

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Ebby Steppach’s Disappearance Is A Murder Investigation After …

The remains of an Arkansas teen who vanished more than two years ago have been found, and police tell Oxygen.com that what had been a missing persons case is now a homicide investigation.

Ebby Steppach, 18, was last seen alive on October 24, 2015. Her bones were found last Tuesday in a park drainage pipe in a Little Rock suburb, steps from where her car was discovered after she disappeared.

The finding has raised questions about the early steps in the case, with a former Little Rock cop who looked into Steppach’s disapperance for her family as a private investigator after he retired, telling Oxygen.com there were “missed opportunities” years ago.

Little Rock police initially described the case Wednesday as a “missing person case.” But Public Information Officer Steve Moore told Oxygen.com Friday that police are now treating it as a homicide probe while they await cause of death confirmation from the medical examiner’s office, which “will take some

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California Man Charged With Murder After Veteran’s Charred Remains Found

A night of partying at a hangout for biker veterans in northern California turned deadly, authorities say — and one man is accused of torturing and murdering a 70-year-old Vietnam vet before burning his remains.

Sean Bryant, 51, was booked Sunday for allegedly murdering and torturing Stanley Owen Norman.

Bryant initially told cops that he and Norman spent the night of April 14 drinking together into the next morning. He said he eventually passed out and woke up as the sun was coming up the next day to find Norman, his Hummer H2 and his poodle KoKo all missing.

Cops searched for Norman for a month and eventually found his charred remains on one of Bryant’s properties.

Bryant made inroads with the veteran community after moving to Grass Valley in rural northern California roughly two years ago, according to Kristen Day, a fellow veteran who organized a community search for Norman and spoke to Oxygen.com.


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Philly Man Freed After 11 Years In Jail For Murder He Didn’t Commit; DA’s Office Admits ‘Egregious’ Error

A Philadelphia man picked up his 11-year-old daughter from the bus stop for the very first time this week, after spending most of her young life in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.

Dontia Patterson was freed Wednesday after the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office admitted to bungling the 2007 shooting investigation of Patterson’s friend Antwine Jackson. A judge exonerated him and released him from the house arrest he had been under since March, CBS News reported. He spent 11 years behind bars.

In an “egregious example” of misconduct, police and prosecutors concealed evidence that would’ve likely kept Patterson, 29, out of prison, according to a court motion filed by the district attorney’s office and obtained by Oxygen.com.

Jackson was murdered on a street corner near Patterson’s home. At the time, Patterson rushed outside to be by his friend’s side.

Police and bystanders found him there crying out over his friend’s death. This

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Connecticut Woman Charged For Triple Murder Of Family, Burning Down Their House

A grisly triple murder, home invasion and fire that shocked a sleepy Connecticut neighborhood have led to one suspect’s arrest, and more busts may be on the way, police said.

Ruth Correa, 23, appeared in court Monday on charges for the deaths of Kenneth and Janet Lindquist, as well as their son Matthew. Correa is charged with murder, home invasion, robbery and torching the Lindquist’s house after the killings last December. She did not enter a plea.

Police had initially considered Matthew Lindquist a person of interest in the murder of his parents, whose burned bodies were discovered inside the home. But several months later, on May 5, police found Matthew’s body near the site of the fire, according to WFSB-TV in Hartford. 

New details about the crime emerged Monday, which indicate Kenneth and Janet Lindquist suffered severe blunt trauma to the head, according to the Hartford Courant. Kenneth Lindquist reportedly died

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Mason Ferris Charged With Murder Of Savannah Hill, Tipster Who …

It all started as a helpful tip to put a wanted man behind bars, but ended in the tragic death of the tipster, a 21-year-old mom of two.

A 19-year-old Missouri man was charged with murder Friday, after police accidentally shot and killed Savannah Hill while she was attempting to help bring the man to justice.

Mason Farris (pictured) was wanted for a parole violation when Hill called police last Saturday afternoon to say that Farris was with her. She told them he would likely run away on foot, but suggested she could put on her car’s child safety locks to keep him in her vehicle if they pulled her car over to apprehend him, according to a court document obtained by Oxygen.com.

Eight minutes later two patrol cars and three officers made a traffic stop that ended in tragedy and bloodshed.

Farris, the wanted man, was seated in the back of

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