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Who is Mario on Trigger Warning with Killer Mike?

Mario Pagan made a huge impression on Trigger Warning with Killer Mike. Pic credit: Netflix

Trigger Warning with Killer Mike is a new Netflix original documentary series that is innovative, impressive and incredibly thought-provoking. If anyone (aside from Killer Mike himself) stands out in this six-part series, it would be Mario Pagan.

Mario appeared in three episodes of the series, first showing up as part of a focus group in the episode titled White Gang Privilege.

When the idea for “Crip-a-Cola” was first introduced to the group, everyone in the room loved the idea. Of course, they didn’t know the name of the drink or the group behind it yet.

When they learned the name of the new soda being taste tested, everyone balked. No one thought walking down the street with a gang-affiliated soft drink was a good idea and none were more

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Mario Batali Is Being Investigated By The NYPD For Allegedly Assaulting A Woman In A ‘Rape Room’

The NYPD is investigating celebrity chef Mario Batali after accusations emerged that he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman in a private room at a posh Manhattan restaurant.

The woman told 60 Minutes Sunday that, while she worked at Batali’s Babbo restaurant in 2005, he invited her to a party at the Spotted Pig, a restaurant with celebrity investors including Jay-Z and Michael Stipe.

The Spotted Pig featured an exclusive third-floor playroom where celebrities can party in private, according to the New York Times. But it earned a notorious nickname: the “Rape Room.” 

The woman said Batali brought her there and started kissing her before she blacked out. She said she woke up near dawn on the floor, surrounded by broken bottles, with deep scratches in one of her legs.

“The first thing I think is ‘I’ve been drugged.’ That was the first thing I thought, that I’ve been assaulted,” the woman told 60 Minutes. 

She said she

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