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From Loving To Lethal! ‘Snapped: Killer Couples’ Will Be Returning With An Explosive New Season (EXCLUSIVE)

Thrill seekers better gear up! Oxygen’s long-running true crime series Snapped: Killer Couples will be returning for a riveting new season, starting Oct. 7. Each episode will show the dark side of relationships and the passion that led people to commit murder. Check out the exclusive clip above before the Season 10 premiere! 

The show will feature captivating reenactments and shocking firsthand accounts, which help paint a picture on what drove people to kill their significant others. Sadly, the stories start out similarly as one interviewee comments: “Everybody thought they had the perfect relationship.” And as the time goes on, red flags start to surface, showing how toxic the romance has become — before it ultimately turns deadly

This time, there will be new stories of lust, betrayal, adultery, and more. “The obsession with being in love with each other drove them to do one of

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‘House of Horrors’ Kids Described As ‘Warm and Loving’ By The Nurses Caring For Them

The 13 siblings who were allegedly raised in captivity by their parents are now making decisions for themselves. The Turpin siblings from the California “House of Horrors” have been under the watch of nurses after being rescued in January, who describe the siblings as “warm and loving,” reports People.

The lawyer appointed to represent the seven eldest children said that being able to make decisions is a new experience. “That in itself is a new experience for them, understanding that they do have rights and they do have a voice,” said attorney Jack Osborn.

The Turpin children were allegedly kept captive by their parents. The mistreatment they faced included being allegedly shackled to their beds, with food and showers being rationed. Neighbors recount seeing them behave reclusively, even marching in circles at night.

Authorities found the siblings, who ranged in age from 2 to 29, and the community slowly helped them transition into

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