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Manhunt For Suspected Cop Killer Leads To Standoff in Maine

A Maine man killed a sheriff’s deputy early Wednesday morning, stole the slain officer’s marked patrol car, robbed a convenience store, and is now surrounded by police in a house.

The suspect, John Williams, 29, of Madison, Maine, has texted a relative that he has a high-powered rifle and won’t be taken alive, according to police and local news reports.

Somerset County Sheriff Cpl. Eugene Cole was shot to death between 1 and 2 a.m. Wednesday morning according to Maine State Police.  

After killing Cole, the suspect drove Cole’s “fully marked cruiser” to a nearby Cumberland Farms, where he robbed it, before fleeing in the cruiser, police said.

Williams abandoned the vehicle around 5 a.m. in Norridgewock, Maine, and fled on foot. He “should be considered armed and dangerous,” according to police.

Around noon, police surrounded a house in Williams’ hometown of Madison, according to WMTW News 8 of Portland, Maine. 

Surprising Evidence Leads To An Arrest And Murder Charges In Oklahoma Case After Nearly 20 Years

It’s been nearly two decades since a couple was murdered in 1999 and two teen girls went missing. Now, there appears to be a break in the case and it reveals that a dozen people kept quiet about the murders and abductions for years.

Ronnie Dean Busick, 66, was charged with four counts of first-degree murder, two counts of kidnapping and one count of first-degree arson on Monday, according to the Associated Press.

Danny and Kathy Freeman were shot to death inside their Welch, Oklahoma mobile home just one day before New Year’s Eve in 1999. The home then was set on fire, an attempt to cover up their shooting deaths. Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman, both 16, went missing the very same day. Bible was sleeping over at the Freemans the night of the shooting. They were supposed to be celebrating a happy occasion: Ashley’s birthday.

Two other men, who have

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Exorcism Attempt On Neighbor Leads To Assault And Kidnapping Charges For Sisters

The sisters called it an exorcism. Police call it assault and kidnapping.

South Carolina sisters Brittany Jones, 28, and Tiara Jones, 26, are facing charges for allegedly assaulting a neighbor with a cross in what police called an “exorcism attempt.”

The incident happened March 19, when the sisters held the 56-year-old neighbor against her will for an “extended period of time,” according to a police report cited by The State in Columbia. The sisters allegedly hit the woman on the upper and lower parts of her body with a cross, believing she was “possessed.”

The woman escaped and got help from a neighbor. Officers arrived at her residence and found her home in “disarray,” according to The Post And Courier in Charleston.

The woman told police she hadn’t eaten since the day before because she couldn’t make herself any food. She was treated at a local hospital for injuries that were not

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Andrew Cunanan’s Gold Digging Leads Down A Dangerous Path in ‘American Crime Story: Versace’ (Ep 6)

Episode 6 of “American Crime Story: Versace” picks up in California in 1996, a year before Andrew Cunanan’s murder spree began. Cunanan found himself in some kind of luxury abode, wrapping presents from Tiffany’s and toting bags from Saks Fifth Avenue. Some lines of cocaine are conspicuously apparent on a nearby table.

Cunanan obviously shacked up with some rich older man while “employed” as his “interior decorator.” He wonders aloud to a friend, Lizzie, about a certain blonde paramour, obviously referring to David Madson.

“Who are you trying to be?” asks Lizzie, unsure of what she’s witnessing.

Moments later Trail arrives at the party. Cunanan gifts Trail some expensive clothes in the hopes of making him look more high class in front of his new crush. Cunanan instructs Trail to lie and say he’s still in the Navy. Trail refuses.

When Madson arrives, Andrew finds himself caught in a

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Saudi Girl’s Snapchat Of Walking In Miniskirt Leads To Calls For Her Arrest

A Snapchat video uploaded by a Saudi woman that showed her walking through a small village wearing a mini skirt and crop top has prompted calls for her arrest, CBS News reported.

Officials in the conservative Muslim country are considering arresting the woman, who was breaking the law by not wearing an abaya—a long-sleeved, full-length dress—in public.

Most women in Saudi Arabia also wear a headscarf and veil.

The video, which is reportedly being shared over social media, shows the young woman walking through an historic fort in Ushaiager, a village north of the Saudi capital.

BuzzFeed found that Saudis have been in two camps about the decision, with some saying that she should be arrested for breaking the law, and others noting that when Westerners visit the country, their fashion isn’t similarly policed.

“We demand that Khoulud be tried because she acted irresponsibly,” one Saudi man said, according to BuzzFeed’s translation

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Argument Over Parking Space Leads To 2 Fatal Shootings In Miami

What began as an argument over a parking space has left two men dead in Miami over Memorial Day Weekend. According to the Miami Herald, 19-year-old Jeffery Alexander is suspected of killing 30-year-old Ladarian Tyrell Phillips.

Police say that Alexander, who is originally from New York, and three friends were attempting to parallel park their BMW Sunday night in South Beach. The driver proceeded to hit a parked Buick Regal while Alexander was in the passenger seat. Per the arrest affidavit, they hit the car “a couple more times.”

Phillips reportedly came over and asked the BMW driver how many times he was going to hit his car. This led to a shouting match and the BMW driver passed a handgun to Alexander. He fired two to three shots that hit Phillips in the back and his friend in the leg.

The BMW then sped from the scene. Police ended up chasing the car and shooting one of the

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