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Golden State Killer Suspect Joseph DeAngelo May Have Hidden Trove Of ‘Trophies’ From Suspected Crimes

Investigators believe the Golden State Killer suspect may be hiding a huge collection of grim “trophies” in a secret storage locker, recently released documents in the case show.

A gold wedding band, inscribed, “For My Angel 1/11/70.”  Multiple sets of keys. A set of flatware. Drivers licenses. A red women’s bathrobe, size eight. A wooden hairbrush.

The list of items investigators believe suspect Joseph DeAngelo — who has been charged with murdering 12 people in California during the 1970s and 1980s — took from the scenes of his alleged crimes fills page after page of the search warrant filed before his April arrest

“Through the course of the investigation and the review of the original cases, it was determined that numerous personal items had been taken during the burglaries and sexual assaults,” the search warrant reads, before listing hundreds of items — lots of jewelry, a doctors bag, a

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Joseph DeAngelo Walks Into Court For The First Time, Ditches …

Golden State Killer suspect Joseph DeAngelo was walking — and did not use a wheelchair at all — during his most recent court appearance, backing some experts’ belief that it was all for show.

When DeAngelo walked into a Sacramento courtroom for a hearing Monday, it marked the first court appearance that the 72-year-old suspect wasn’t in a wheelchair. Instead, he walked into a steel cage located in the courtroom and stood.

His public defender Diane Howard told The Sacramento Bee she had nothing to say after she was asked if DeAngelo was feeling stronger.

“I’m not going to talk to you about his conditions,” she said.

DeAngelo was arrested last month and charged with murdering 12 people across California in the 1970s and 1980s. He has not yet entered pleas for any of the murders. Police believe that the Golden State Killer suspect is also the man dubbed the East

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Golden State Killer Suspect Joseph DeAngelo Watched His Little Sister Get Raped, Report Says

Golden State Killer suspect Joseph DeAngelo, who is accused of a crime spree including dozens of rapes, watched his own younger sister get raped by two men when they were children, according to a report.

Jesse Ryland, a son of DeAngelo’s sister Constance, told BuzzFeed News Friday that DeAngelo witnessed the rape when he was 9 or 10 and his sister was 7. The rape happened in an abandoned warehouse on an Air Force base in Germany, Ryland said.

“That’s pretty crazy for a kid to see his sister be violated,” he said.

Constance died from cancer last year, and Ryland said she told him about the rape before her death.  Ryland hinted that witnessing the rape could have led, in part, to the rapes and murders that his uncle is accused of committing. 

“Maybe that was the start of Joe going wacko,” he said. 

Kenneth Ryland Sr., Jesse’s father, told BuzzFeed News that his wife never mentioned the

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Golden State Killer Suspect Joseph DeAngelo Now Charged With 12 Murders

New murder charges were filed against Joseph DeAngelo, the ex-cop turned serial rapist and murderer suspect, on Thursday which means he is now charged with all 12 murders attributed to the Golden State Killer.

Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce Dudley announced the new murder chargers on Thursday. Previously, he had not been charged in Santa Barbara County.

“I have decided to file four counts of first-degree murder with special circumstances against Joseph James DeAngelo. Each of the four counts carries multiple allegations each of the four counts carry the potential for a sentence of life without possibility of parole or the death sentence,” she said during a press conference.

DeAngelo is accused of murdering two couples in Santa Barbara County: Robert Offerman and Alexandria Manning in 1979 and Cheri Domingo and Gregory Sanchez in 1981.

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DeAngelo, 72, had previously been charged with eight counts of

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Victims Of The Golden State Killer Are Ready To Heal Following Joseph James DeAngelo’s Arrest

After decades without justice, victims of the Golden State Killer and their families say that they can finally begin to heal following the suspect’s arrest.

Joseph James DeAngelo, a 72-year-old former police officer, was arrested on Wednesday thanks to DNA evidence collected from his trash. DeAngelo is suspected of having committed at least 12 homicides and close to 50 rapes during a crime spree across California that lasted between 1979 and 1986. The Golden State Killer, who was also known during his reign of terror as the East Area Rapist, is now facing four murder charges and could be linked to more than 50 other crimes, authorities say.

Following news of DeAngelo’s arrest, his victims and their families are seeking closure and healing, NBC News reports.

Jane Carson-Sandler, 72, was a nursing student when the Golden State Killer attacked her in 1976. Carson-Sandler was lying in

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Golden State Killer: Everything We Know After Joseph James DeAngelo’s Arrest

One of the longest-running serial killer cold cases in U.S. history may have finally been cracked Wednesday with the arrest of the suspected Golden State Killer.

Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, has been charged with two murders and is the suspect for a California crime spree that included at least 12 homicides and about 50 rapes between 1979 and 1986. The elusive killer was also known as the East Area Rapist at the time. 

The case has mystified authorities for decades and led to no arrests or identified suspects until Wednesday.

Here’s everything you need to know about it. You can learn more with a two-part Martinis Murder podcast about the case.

A chilling pattern

The killer began attacking teens and women who were home alone or with young children before switching to targeting couples. He was known as the East Area Rapist at the time.

Police said he would stalk couples for weeks trying

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‘Most Wanted Deadbeat’ Joseph Stroup Found After 20 Years …

Joseph Stroup was ordered to pay child support after he divorced his wife in 1989. The judge ordered him to pay just $100 a month to his ex-wife, but Stroup claimed he was medically disabled and jobless, according to the Calgary Herald. The judge at the time was accommodating and even lowered his monthly payments to just $14.

Stroup, however, allegedly didn’t make the payments, and by 1998 an indictment was filed against him in federal court, according to the Associated Press. The southwest Michigan man wasn’t broke by that point. In fact, he sold an internet business for over $2 million in 1996. Then, he allegedly fled town.

After being wanted for nearly two decades for failure to pay child support, Stroup was found in Alberta, Canada, under the name Joop Cousteau. Restaurant owner Scott Winograd was handed paperwork by Stroup with the name Joop Cousteau on it after Stroup allegedly claimed that

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What Happened To Child Star Joseph Pichler: Foul Play, Suicide Or Still Alive?

A child star vanished without a trace in the early morning hours of January 5, 2006. Joseph Pichler, 18, left a party in Bremerton, Washington. When he left the get-together, friends said he was in good spirits. That was the last time anyone ever saw him. His Toyota was later found parked behind a Mexican restaurant.

Joe had been acting since he was a child, and starred as Brennan Newton in the third and fourth installments of the Beethoven movies. He had parts in The Fan, When Good Ghouls Go Bad and a storring role in Varsity Blues. His co-stars spoke highly of him.

“He was really sweet,” James Van Der Beek told People. “And he was really, really good. I was inspired by him.”

Jesse Plemons, who starred with Joe in Children on Their Birthdays, said: “He knew the names of everyone on the crew, took time to get to know them, and

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Lynette Pontius, Joseph Laverne: ‘Snapped’ Reveals Child Custody As Motive In Attempted Murder Of Michigan’s Martin Campbell

Lynette Pontius, the woman who conspired with a man to murder her ex-boyfriend, Martin Campbell, over a child custody dispute, will have her story reenacted on this Sunday’s Snapped on the Oxygen Network. This season, Snapped has brought you some of the most heinous true-crime stories of murder steeped in mystery. On Sunday’s show, listen in as investigators try to find out the identity of a masked gunman who shot a loving father in his own home.

Somebody Wants Him Dead

Kalamazoo, Michigan, is an average rural town that has its share of crime, but is still considered by many as a good place to raise children. But on a cold winter’s day in February of 2007, it became a true-life horror movie for one couple. According to authorities, 27-year-old Martin Campbell was shot in an invasion at his home on North Sprinkle Road located in Richland Township by a

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