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"Girls Like Us" Takes A Look At The Unsolved Long Island Serial Killer Case

In May 2010, a 911 call from a 24-year-old escort, Shannan Gilbert, sparked a gruesome discovery: a possible serial killer was haunting the Long Island community. 

Gilbert had vanished after visiting a high-end client, and her 23-minute-long 911 call led police to assume foul play. But while searching for Gilbert, police instead discovered the bodies of four other sex workers buried in the sand on Jones Beach Island. Gilbert’s remains were found in December in 2011, in addition to several other bodies — there’s thought to be 10 victims so far.

The killer has been dubbed several names, including the “Long Island Serial Killer,” the “Gilgo Beach Killer,” and the “Craiglist Ripper.” This shadowy killer, who has yet to be caught, is the inspiration for author Cristina Alger’s new novel “Girls Like Us.”

The book takes a fictionalized look at the murders through the character Nell Flynn, an FBI agent and

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Bad Girls Club’s Shannade Clermont accused of stealing $20K from dead man who hired her for sex

Bad Girls Club’s Shannade Clermont who modeled for Kanye’s Yeezy campaign is accused of stealing $20,000 from man ‘who paid $400 to have sex with her’ and was then found dead the next day from a drug overdose

  • Shannade Clermont, 24, was arrested Wednesday on charges including wire fraud and aggravated identity theft 
  • Prosecutors said the man she visited in January 31, 2017, was found dead of a drug overdose the next morning in his midtown Manhattan apartment 
  • The man overdosed on cocaine and fentanyl, and authorities retrieved his iPhone, wallet and a condom from his home
  • Authorities said Clermont used stolen debit card information to try to obtain over $20,000 in order to pay her rent and phone bills and buy plane tickets
  • Prosecutors said that text messages between the victim’s phone and Clermont’s phone before show that they agreed the encounter would cost $400

Associated Press

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Michigan State To Pay $500 Million To Women And Girls Abused By Larry Nassar

Sexual abuse victims of disgraced gymnastics Dr. Larry Nassar and Michigan State University have reached a settlement in principle in which the university will pay $500 million, attorneys for both sides said in a joint statement on Wednesday.

Under the settlement, $425 million will be paid to the 332 victims represented in current litigation, while the university will set aside another $75 million in a trust fund which could go to future plaintiffs who allege they were abused by Nassar, the attorneys said.

“This historic settlement came about through the bravery of more than 300 women and girls who had the courage to stand up and refuse to be silenced,” plaintiffs’ attorney John Manly said.

“Michigan State is pleased that we have been able to agree in principle on a settlement that is fair to the survivors of Nassar’s crimes,” said Robert Young, special counsel to the university.

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‘Bad Girls Club’ Nicky Vargas arrested for reportedly performing topless sex act in public

A reality TV star was taken into police custody last week for performing oral sex topless in a Cape Canaveral, Florida, parking lot.

According to Page Six, Nicole “Nicky” Vargas, 28—formerly a cast member on the Oxygen network show, “Bad Girls Club”—was arrested last Wednesday April 4 after witnesses saw her and boyfriend Colton Voegele allegedly engaging in a public sex act in an apartment complex parking lot.

A representative for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office told Fox News the couple was arrested for “unnatural and lascivious acts in public, battery, exposure of sexual organs, and resisting without violence.”

Vargas “immediately took off running” when officers arrived, according to authorities, then “actively kept pulling away” once she was apprehended. In the arrest video acquired by TMZ, a topless and handcuffed Vargas is shown being led to a police cruiser.

Authorities were first called to the scene when a man who

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Parkland Shooter Attracts A Flock Of Crazed Teenage Girls, Who Send Him Letters, Photos And Money

The messages come on greeting cards and in envelopes covered in hand-drawn hearts.

They have photos with Hello Kitty filters and shots of cleavage.

There are so many they’re stacked higher than college textbooks.

Parkland shooter Nicolas Cruz hasn’t seen them yet though, because he’s on suicide watch.

Cruz has a growing number of female fans, and some male too. They adore him, and send him salacious messages and scantily clad photographs, according to The Sun Sentinel

The letters offer friendship, and encouragement. His fans are even donating money to his commissary in jail.

On Feb. 14, an Uber dropped Cruz off at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Within 10 minutes, 19 students were dead. Cruz allegedly confessed to the crime, according to CNN.

Now, the the crazed fans have appeared.

“I reserve the right to care about you, Nikolas!” wrote a woman from Texas.

Another wrote: “Your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on your face

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Teen Girls Allegedly Broke Into Home, Killed Pet Parakeets, Smeared Blood On Cabinets

What caused two teen girls to break into a home and kill the resident’s pets? Authorities are piecing together an incident in which two teenagers have been charged with breaking into a residence and committing a slew of crimes, including theft, setting a vehicle on fire and killing two parakeets.

As People shared, 17-year-old Hallie Lauren Pate and 19-year-old Jordan Alexis Ruiz (seen left and right above) are facing 12 charges each for the incident.

According to WITN, the teens broke into a home owned by Mack Price in North Carolina on Super Bowl Sunday. He told the news outlet that the teens killed his daughter’s two parakeets and smeared blood all over the kitchen cabinets. He added that lighter fluid was poured throughout the house. The car, from which property was also taken, was allegedly set on fire.

Price’s daughter was at a Super Bowl party during the incident. It’s unclear what relationship,

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Teen Girls Make Shooting Threats Inspired By Plot From ‘Pretty Little Liars’ And Shut Down School

Fans of the show Pretty Little Liars know about the cryptic person “A” who sends anonymous messages to torment a group of teenage girls. According to Time, high school girls in Ohio were inspired by the show and created threatening texts to bully classmates with a school shooting.

A 15-year-old at Piqua High School created a Snapchat account using the letter “A.” She posted threats about exposing people’s secrets—which follows the storyline of the hit show—and fueling rumors about a school shooting. A 14-year-old then wrote, “I’m still going to shoot up the school. A.” on a bathroom mirror. The threats caused the school to be dismissed early on Thursday. Classes were also cancelled on Friday. 

Authorities have arrested the teenagers behind the pranks and charged them in juvenile court for the threats.

Pretty Little Liars was a teen drama mystery show based upon the book of the same name.  Premiering in 2010, the show ended on

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39-Year-Old Man Receives More Than 1000 Years In Prison For Molesting Young Girls

A sexual abuser from San Marcos, Texas has been sentenced to more than 1,000 years in prison — and that doesn’t include the two additional life terms he’s been given. Robert Benjamin Franks, 39, was convicted on Monday of molesting two young girls, including his own 9-year-old stepdaughter, on a continuous basis.

A press release from the Hays County District Attorney’s Office shows that Franks was given one life sentence for each child he sexually abused. Then, he got 99 years for each of the nine counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child. Furthermore, he was slammed with an additional 20 years for each of six counts of indecency with a child by sexual contact. To top that off, Franks was ordered to pay $120,000 in fines for his crimes.

Franks’ stepdaughter testified in court that Franks did “disgusting things” to her in 2016 when she lived at his home.

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Self Harm And Suicide Attempts Rise For Girls: Are Smart Phones And Cyber Bullying To Blame?

Young women are self-harming more, according to new data. As The Washington Post shares, emergency room visits for girls 10 to 14 has risen since 2008. It is not clear what is causing the self-harm rates to go up but some experts point to smartphones and cyber bullying as the culprits.

Most of the girls and women who were admitted to emergency rooms came for ingesting pills or poisons. Some were treated for injuring themselves with sharp objects, such as cutting. According to the new data, the number of girls ages 10 to 24 admitted to emergency rooms for nonfatal self-inflicted injuries grew by 8.4 percent annually from 2009 to 2015.

Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University, points to the importance of smartphones in the lives of this generation compared to those of the past. Teens in every generation have experienced mental-health problems, she said. Genetic predisposition, family environments, bullying

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