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Fuse Media Greenlights First Scripted Animation Series; Renews Franchise Originals

Riding its successful strategy of showcasing a mix of entertaining and socially-relevant original content that attracts a young, multicultural audience, Fuse Media has entered the scripted animation genre by greenlighting Sugar and Toys. The provocative new series will join a 2019 lineup of music culture programming that also includes new seasons of the returning originals Complex x Fuse and T-Pain’s School of Business on Fuse and Big Boy’s Neighborhood on FM (Fuse Music).

First Look: The ‘Gotham’ Gang Gathers For One Final Battle (PHOTO)

January 3 can’t get here fast enough!

As Gotham’s cast has been gearing up for their last table read together and series finale filming, fans are finally getting a good look at the fifth and final season’s key ensemble shot.

Entitled “Gotham: Legend of the Dark Knight,” this last round of episodes will see Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) working to save the city he loves so much after Jerome’s bombs have divided Gotham into factions run by various villains.

'Gotham' Season 5: EP John Stephens Answers Your Burning Questions

‘Gotham’ Season 5: EP John Stephens Answers Your Burning Questions

This is the Fox drama’s final season.

At the same time, we’ll also get the ultimate evolution of Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) into Batman and the arrival of Shane West as iconic baddie Bane.

If you check some of the actors’ Instagram accounts, you’ll get even more hints as to where

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‘Lethal Weapon’ Sneak Peek: Oops! Cole Makes a Bad First Impression (VIDEO)

Fender benders happen to everyone, right? But on this week’s episode of Fox’s hit crime drama Lethal Weapon, the car accident that Detective Wesley Cole (Seann William Scott) was involved in earlier in the day comes back to haunt him.

And it’s all because the other driver is none other than the new Deputy District Attorney,  Erica Malick (Nishi Munshi)! Since Captain Avery (Kevin Rahm) is trying to salvage his once-promising political career, having Malick feeling anything but warm thoughts for the police could have ripple effects, so Cole staying out of sight might be a good thing.

'Lethal Weapon': Cole Shuts Down His Former CIA Recruiter! (VIDEO)

‘Lethal Weapon’: Cole Shuts Down His Former CIA Recruiter! (VIDEO)

This week’s episode was helmed by cast member Keesha Sharp (Trish Murtaugh).

In this exclusive clip, watch how Cole tries to hide himself from being found out during a video conference

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‘CAOS’ Holiday Special: Netflix Unveils First Look at Sabrina’s ‘Midwinter’s Tale’ (PHOTOS)

Netflix is giving Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fans the best holiday gift they could ask for — a special bonus episode.

Announced nearly a month ahead of its December 14 debut, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale will delve into the holidays, coven-style. As viewers know, Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) is part of The Church of Night which celebrates the Winter Solstice, so the special episode will feature those traditions.

Netflix's Full 2018 Holiday Lineup: 'Sabrina' Special, Festive Rom-Coms, 'Nailed It!' Season  More

Netflix’s Full 2018 Holiday Lineup: ‘Sabrina’ Special, Festive Rom-Coms, ‘Nailed It!’ Season More

Plus, new original films like ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ and a new season of ‘Fuller House.’

Part of the rituals specific to the holiday include telling ghost stories and singing pagan carols around the Yule Fire. But it’s not so “merry and bright” when uninvited guests show up, as Netflix

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First Look: Eden Sher Knows No Middle-Ground on ‘Superstore’ (VIDEO)

Let’s be honest. It’s kind of hard to believe we are really in the Golden Age of Television, seeing that Eden Sher was never even nominated for an Emmy during her run on The Middle.

All of those years as one of the greatest, most unsung talents on the screen, blending heart, humor and awkward adolescence into the inimitable Sue Heck should have be rewarded and we will fight anyone who says otherwise. Hopefully, ABC’s planned Middle spinoff will work out, but until then, we can at least agree that it’s a good day indeed when Sher guests on a show as charming and befitting of her talents as Superstore!

'Sue Sue in the City': Meet the Cast of 'The Middle' Spinoff Series (PHOTOS)

‘Sue Sue in the City’: Meet the Cast of ‘The Middle’ Spinoff Series (PHOTOS)

Sue Heck’s story continues.

Both the actress and the

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Check out Colton Underwood in His First ‘Bachelor’ Teaser Trailer

Colton Underwood makes his debut as the next Bachelor in the first teaser trailer for Season 23 of the reality dating series.

Underwood introduces himself to audiences as he is showered by rose petals in the clip, released Wednesday on Halloween.

“This Halloween — no tricks, just a treat,” a narrator exclaims. The long-running series is then referred to as “The Boochelor.”

The Bachelor Season 23 is set to premiere on ABC in January.

Underwood, a former football player and Bachelorette contestant, was announced as the next Bachelor in September.

Chris Harrison on Why Colton Was the Best Choice for 'Bachelor' (VIDEO)

Chris Harrison on Why Colton Was the Best Choice for ‘Bachelor’ (VIDEO)

Production is currently underway on the new season.

The 26-year-old previously competed

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‘Fuller House’ Season 4 to Premiere in December — Get Your First Look! (PHOTOS)

Spend the holidays with the Fuller House crew!

Netflix just announced that Season 4 of the revival will premiere on Friday, December 14. Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and other cast members made a short but fun video celebrating the exciting news.

The fourth season will include a few new faces such as Josh Peck, Maria Canals-Barrera, Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner, and Lainie Kazan.

Candace Cameron Bure Talks Hallmark Movies, 'Fuller House,' and Why She Doesn't Miss 'The View'

Candace Cameron Bure Talks Hallmark Movies, ‘Fuller House,’ and Why She Doesn’t Miss ‘The View’

Plus, she gets candid about why she doesn’t miss ‘The View’ and how ‘DWTS’ changed her.

The series is also being helmed by new showrunners

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See Shania Twain, Travis Tritt & Jake Owen in the First Promo for USA’s ‘Real Country’ (VIDEO)

The next generation of country music legends is about to be discovered.

USA Network revealed on Wednesday the premiere date and key art for its new music competition series, Real Country.

Willie Nelson, Big  Rich, Trace Adkins,  Wynonna Judd Join USA's 'Real Country'

Willie Nelson, Big Rich, Trace Adkins, Wynonna Judd Join USA’s ‘Real Country’

Also, a ‘Bachelorette’ alum will host the series, coming in November.

The eight-part series will debut on November 13 and features five-time Grammy Award-winning artist Shania Twain (also an executive producer), platinum-selling singer-songwriter Jake Owen, and Grammy Award-winning music legend Travis Tritt.

On the show, “Twain, Owen and Tritt will hand-select emerging solo artists, duos and groups to perform in showcases that spotlight the rich traditions, songs and themes of country music,” the network revealed. “The best artists from each showcase will perform in a grand finale, for

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Britain’s smallest ever baby boy celebrates his first birthday

Hasn’t he grown! Britain’s smallest ever baby boy who weighed less than a tin of baked beans celebrates his first birthday after defying slim odds of survival

  • Frankie Thompson was born 16 weeks prematurely, weighing 13 ounces (378g)
  • Unusually, he did not have usual complications premature babies are born with 
  • Frankie, now one, spent the first few months of his life receiving care in hospital


First Look: Mark Hamill Goes Medieval in History Channel’s ‘Knightfall’ (PHOTO)

Out with the lightsaber, in with the sword!

Star Wars icon Mark Hamill goes medieval to join the cast of History Channel drama Knightfall, returning for its sophomore season in Spring 2019.

'Star Wars Resistance': Meet the Aces That Rule the Sky (VIDEO)

‘Star Wars Resistance’: Meet the Aces That Rule the Sky (VIDEO)

The new Disney animated series debuts in October.

The actor, best known as Luke Skywalker, plays Talus, an initiate master responsible for training new members of the Knights Templar, a devout Christian military order that protects travelers to the Holy Land. He’s tough, wise, hardened and deeply faithful after spending 10 years as a tortured POW captured during a Crusade — which explains those scars.

“He takes pride in the scars, because they made him who he is,” says new showrunner Aaron Helbing.

One of Talus’s students

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