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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Pictured With Fiancé For First Time

Gypsy Rose has found love from inside her jail cell and is now introducing her new fiancé Ken to the world in these exclusive photos. Download our app at the link in our bio to keep up with the latest on Gypsy and to refresh on her tragic story.

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Shayanna Jenkins Recalls Fiancé Aaron Hernandez’s Arrest | Crime …

In part one of Oxygen’s two-night docu-series “Aaron Hernandez Uncovered,” Shayanna Jenkins revealed what it was like when police knocked on the door of her North Attleborough, Massachusetts, home and arrested fiancé Aaron Hernandez.

“We were upstairs in our bedroom with the baby. I think we were just waking up, actually. He said there was a knock at the door,” Jenkins told producers. “He went to go answer it, and they arrested him there. And I remember saying I loved him, and then he was taken out.”

On June 26, 2013, the former New England Patriots tight end was taken into custody and charged in connection with the shooting of semiprofessional football player Odin Lloyd. Lloyd, who was dating Jenkins’ sister at the time, had been found dead in an industrial park about a half-mile from Hernandez’s house.

“This is someone you love, your soulmate, being taken away,” Jenkins continued. “It’s

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Florida Woman Accused of Shooting Dog Because Fiancé Wouldn’t Crack Her Back

A woman from Tarpon Springs, Florida is accused of fatally shooting her and her fiancé dog during an argument on Friday morning. The argument allegedly began because the woman wanted her fiancé to crack her back.

Giselle Taylor, 21, was arrested on suspicion of aggravated cruelty to animals, according to a police affidavit obtained by Oxygen. It states that Taylor wanted her live-in fiancé to crack her back for her and when he refused, a verbal argument ensued.

At some point, according to the affidavit, Taylor left the home and “walked into her garage and removed her firearm from her glove box. The defendant loaded her pistol, walked into the house and approached her fiancé.”

Police described what happened next: Taylor said she was trying to scare her fiancé. She wanted to “provoke a response.” However, that didn’t appear to happen.

“When the defendant did not get the response she was hoping to achieve, she pointed the

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Man Kills Son, Daughter And Her Fiancé Before Fatally Shooting Himself At Abandoned Store

A man from White Plains, Alabama allegedly shot his son, daughter and his daughter’s fiancé to death on Thursday before turning the gun on himself. According to the Associated Press, Anthony Wayne Parker, 49, shot his 12-year-old son and his 19-year-old daughter Heather Parker. He also allegedly murdered Heather’s husband-to-be, 20-year-old Brandon Roberts.

Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade told WHNT that after allegedly killing those three, Anthony called his sister to announce that he was also going to kill himself. According to the Associated Press, his sister called 911. When responding deputies got to Anthony’s home, they found the three victims in the front yard. Police found Anthony’s body not long after in front of an abandoned store, reported Alabama.com.

“We pulled the coordinates of the origin of the 911 call and traced it back to the Rabbittown store,” Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade told The Anniston Star.

He died

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Woman Pleads Guilty To Drowning Fiancé On Kayaking Trip, Says He Pressured Her To Have Threesome

A New York woman pleaded guilty to drowning her fiancé during a kayaking trip by tampering with his boat, Newsweek reported.

Angelika Graswald pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide on Monday, reduced from an initial murder charge for the death of Vince Viafore, 46, more than two years ago.

Graswald, 35, admitted to removing the plug from Viafore’s kayak as part of her plea, USA Today reported. She also said she knew that one of his paddles was missing a locking clip, that he was not wearing a wet suit or a life vest, and that the water was freezing cold.

Though the case was originally investigated as a tragic accident, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office eventually alleged that Graswald killed Viafore in part because she stood to collect $250,000 from him as part of his life insurance policy.

Graswald later said, in a jailhouse interview, that she believed she had

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Aaron Hernandez’s Fiance Denies Gay Rumors

After the death of Aaron Hernandez, there have been questions around the former NFL player’s sexuality and whether he had a male lover behind bars. Hernandez’s fiance is putting those allegations to rest, denying that the former New England Patriots player was gay or bisexual. 

“It’s just not something that I saw. It’s not something that I believe. It’s just not him,” Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez shared in an interview on Dr. Phil.


“It’s just not him,” she said. She goes on to call the rumors about his sexuality “embarrassing” and “hurtful.”

Hernandez committed suicide on April 19 by hanging himself in his prison cell. 

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