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Michigan Man Fathered A Child With His 20-Year-Old Daughter, Police Say

It’s complicated all right.

A Michigan man is accused of sexually abusing his daughter — and fathering a son with her. Just weeks ago, he changed his Facebook relationship status to, “In a Complicated Relationship.” 

Gregory St. Andre, 37, is charged with two counts of third-degree criminal sexual assault, according to The Detroit News. St. Andre posted an initial bond of $5,000, but his bond was raised to $60,000 during a court appearance Monday. 

Prosecutors asked a judge to revoke St. Andre’s bond completely because his family said a no-contact order against him was useless. They said he’d been calling his daughter and her boyfriend and messaging them through social media. St. Andre changed his Facebook relationship status to “complicated” April 28, drawing dozens of disgusted comments from users. 

Prosecutors filed an emergency motion Monday to revoke his bond, according to WJBK Fox 2 in Detroit.

“She has a son by the defendant. What is she

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Man Allegedly Kept Daughter As Sex Slave For More Than 20 Years And Fathered 8 Children

An Argentinian man has been accused of fathering eight children with his own daughter, whom he kept as a sex slave for more than two decades. Domingo Bulacio, 56, allegedly began raping his daughter when she was just 15 years old, the New York Post reports.

According to the New York Post, the disturbing family secret came out after the victim told a doctor while he was treating her son. Bulacio was arrested in 2016 after being on the run from the cops for 45 days. He was found hiding out as a fugitive at a relative’s home.

DNA evidence, which proved Bulacio fathered all eight of his daughter’s children, was presented in court. Six of those kids are now living at a boarding school, local media reported.

What happened to the victim’s mother remains a mystery. According to one account from El Liberal reported by the UK’s Mirror, Bulacio threw

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Dad Who Abducted 11-Year-Old Step-Daughter And Fathered Her 9 Kids Defends Abuse: ‘I Made Love To My Wife’

The Oklahoma man accused of abducting and sexually abusing his tween stepdaughter and fathering nine children with her says, “99 percent [of the charges] are lies.”

FOX23 caught up with 62-year-old Henry Piette as he appeared in court in Wagoner, Oklahoma after being extradited from Mexico where he was arrested. Piette is accused of raping his then 11-year-old stepdaughter Rosalynn McGinnis, before later abducting her and taking her to Mexico, where he fathered nine children with her.

McGinnis, now 33, says the abuse began when Piette was married to her mother, whom he frequently beat. After raping her, he had his teenage son “marry” them. “He said since he had already touched me, he needed to marry me or it was a sin,” McGinnis told People magazine. Despite her mother’s attempts to get away from him, he repeatedly tracked them down. When McGinnis was

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