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Anti-Abortion Extremist Who Shot Doctor And Bombed Clinics Is Freed From Prison

Anti-abortion extremist Shelley Johnson, who never apologized for shooting a doctor and fireboming several abortion clinics, has been released from federal prison, sparking fears from pro-choice groups that she could continue promoting violence.

Rachelle “Shelley” Shannon left the Waseca Federal Correctional Facility in Minnesota on Monday. She was transported to a halfway house in Portland, Oregon, where she will reside for several months before a final release, according to The Kansas City Star in Missouri.

Shannon had been sentenced to 11 years in prison after shooting and wounding George Tiller, an abortion doctor and outspoken pro-choice advocate, in 1993. She was arrested several hours after the shooting. After being booked, police discovered a letter written to her daughter that detailed the crime.

“I’m not denying I shot Tiller,” she wrote. “But I deny that it was wrong. It was the most holy, most righteous thing I’ve ever done. I have no regrets.”

She received

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Georgia Doctor Allegedly Threatened To Behead And Maim Her Employees, Tore Up Office

Someone get this doctor a doctor.

A family practice doctor in Georgia allegedly threatened to send her own employees to the emergency room or the grave — saying she would slit their throats, cut their heads off and slice their bodies open.

Dr. Marian Antoinette Patterson, who is based in Valdosta, was arrested Thursday and charged with three counts of terroristic threats and one count of false imprisonment, according to WCTV News in Thomasville. She was suspended by the Georgia Composite Medical Board March 5.

The suspension order detailed what happened in her office on February 21. 

According to the order, Patterson yelled and cursed at her employees and repeatedly told them she was going to slit their throats. She also called her employees “fat ass bitches” and “sluts.”

She told one employee that she was going to cut her from her throat to her private parts, the order said.

She told another employee she was going to cut the employee’s head

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Prince’s Death: Doctor Will Be Fined For Opioid Prescription, But No Charges

The Minnesota doctor who allegedly prescribed painkillers a week before Prince’s death will be fined for a federal civil violation, but the investigation into the pop icon’s overdose will end with no charges, officials said Thursday.

Carver County Attorney Mark Metz announced the end of the Prince probe two days before the second anniversary of the “Purple Rain” singer’s death.

“The bottom line is that we simply do not have sufficient evidence to charge anyone with a crime related to Prince’s death,” Metz said in a press conference, noting that the investigation could be reopened if new evidence was presented.

He said there is no doubt that the actions of the people around Prince will be still criticized. But “suspicions and innuendo are categorically inefficient to support any criminal charges,” he said.

About 90 minutes before Metz’s announcement, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Minnesota announced it reached a $30,000 civil settlement with Dr.

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Fake Teen Doctor Sentenced For Practicing Medicine Without A License, Grand Theft

The Florida teen who made international headlines after allegedly posing as a doctor has pleaded guilty. Malachi Love-Robinson, now 20, pleaded guilty to practicing medicine without a license, grand theft and numerous fraud charges according to NBC Miami.

In 2016, he was arrested for impersonating a doctor. Police said he stole over $35,000 from one “patient” alone, an 86-year-old woman.

Now, Love-Robinson will serve three and a half years behind bars and he was ordered to pay restitution.  He will have to pay $80,000, the Sun Sentinel reports. He was given credit for time already served. According to the Miami Herald, he already served 483 days.

Multiple complaints against Love-Robinson had piled up before his 2016 arrest, including an allegation that he gave a woman a gynecological exam.

“Love-Robinson has a history of presenting himself as a medical doctor and was previously Baker Acted by the city of West Palm

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Woman Claims Doctor Ex-Boyfriend Spiked Her Drink With Abortion Pills To Kill Their Unborn Baby

A New York woman claims that her ex-boyfriend laced her tea with an abortion pill, killing her unborn baby, WROC reported.

Brooke Fiske and Sikander Imran had been dating for about three years on and off when Fiske learned that she was pregnant.

“He didn’t want to have a baby so he tried to talk me into having an abortion… which I didn’t want to do,” said Fiske.

Imran, a doctor of hematology and oncology, had just moved to Virginia for a new job, and when Fiske was 17 weeks pregnant, she went to visit Imran in Arlington.

“When I was drinking my tea in the evening I got to the bottom of the cup. There was a gritty substance in there and when I looked at it, I could tell that it was a pill that had been ground up,” she said.

In a few hours, Fiske began having contractions, she claimed.

“He immediately

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Prominent NYC Doctor Who Treated Bono Found Dead With Knife In Chest Inside His Park Avenue Apartment

A famed trauma surgeon apparently committed suicide on Sunday by stabbing himself in the chest, police said to The New York Daily News.

The body of Dr. Dean Lorich, 54, was found by his 11-year-old daughter in his Park Avenue apartment, while his wife was playing tennis. 

His daughter saw Lorich lying on his back, with a knife near his heart.

There was no apparent break-in to his house, and police believe suicide is the most likely reason for Lorich’s death.

“He was under some personal stress,” a police source said to the Daily News.

Lorich, a father of three, treated Bono in 2014 after the U2 singer was injured in a Central Park biking accident. He was the associate director of the Orthopaedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery, and a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Lorich also treated emergency responders who were brought to him in serious condition. Firefighter Matt

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US Gymnast Doctor Larry Nasser Sentenced To 60 Years In Prison For Sexual Abuse

The ex-USA Gymnastics doctor has been sentenced to 60 years for child porn. As CNN shares, 54-year-old Larry Nassar was sentenced today to time in federal prison for child pornography charges. Authorities say that he was found in possession of over 37,000 video and images of child pornography.

This is not the worst of Nassar’s crimes. The former gymnastics doctor also admitted to sexually abusing underage girls. In November, Nassar pled guilty to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct as well as using his position of authoritiy to abuse underage girls. Three of his victims were reportedly under 13. 

More than 140 women and girls have accused Nassar of sexual abuse. Last month, Gold medalist Aly Raisman accused Nassar of sexual abuse as did Gabby Douglas. Their teammate, McKayla Maroney, accused him in October of molesting her for years.

In a statement to “60 Minutes,” USA Gymnastics say they recently adopted a

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Fake Doctor Who Collected Patients At Dunkin’ Donuts Fled New York After Illegal Butt Lift Killed Woman

Ex-con Kevin Richardson has been charged with manslaughter and unauthorized practice of a profession after a cosmetic procedure he administered caused the death of Latesha Bynum. Richardson does not have (and never has had) a medical license.

Richardson and an accomplice, Allison Spence (who is charged with one count of manslaughter and eight counts of unauthorized practice of a profession), collected numerous patients at a Dunkin’ Donuts in New York City, using the coffee chain as a waiting room and offering illegal procedures in a nearby apartment.

After receiving a butt lift from Richardson, Bynum checked herself into a hospital when she began feeling dizzy. She subsequently lapsed into a coma and died about two weeks later.

“No one with medical training would have done this because it’s dangerous,” prosecutor Michele Bayer had said in Manhattan Criminal Court. “The victim in this case died soon after. All of these additional victims are in

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Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas Says She Was Also Abused By USA Gymnastics Doctor

Gabby Douglas is coming out with abuse allegations against former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar. The three-time Olympic gold medalist took to social media to say that she didn’t speak out earlier. “We were conditioned to stay silent,” she said Tuesday.

“I didn’t publicly share my experiences as well as many other things because for years we were conditioned to stay silent and honestly some things were extremely painful,” Douglas said. “I wholeheartedly support my teammates for coming forward with what happened to them.”

As Rolling Stone shares, a spokesman for Douglas has confirmed with multiple outlets that her post is about Nassar.  

Recently, Douglas’ teammate, Aly Raisman, came out about her own abuse by Nassar. “Why are we looking at why didn’t the girls speak up? Why not look at what about the culture? What did USA Gymnastics do, and Larry Nassar do, to manipulate these girls so much that they are so afraid

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5 Creepy Medical Staff Crimes That’ll Make You Never Want To Go To The Doctor Again

Medical staff employees have been trained to take care of their patients’ health. And, most of them do. But the doctors, nurses and assistants in these five cases did not have anybody’s health in mind when they committed these disturbing crimes.

1. Brain surgeon and two nurses molest children together.

Earlier this year, a California neurosurgeon and two nurses were arrested for raping children together.

Santa Cruz neurosurgeon James Kohut and nurses Rashel Melina Brandon and Emily Joy Stephens were arrested back in May. According to KSBW, three children were sexually assaulted, including a 3-year-old boy, a 5-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy. Per the arrest warrant, the married neurosurgeon also had affairs with Brandon and Stephens, and the children were abused during some of these sexual interactions.

The disturbing sex acts were discovered after Brandon’s husband found a tape showing

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