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Doctor double act can help you live healthier for longer in their anti-ageing series for the Mail

TV doctor Chris van Tulleken is explaining how he and his other half underwent counselling last year.

‘Couples’ counselling, like marriage guidance, I guess,’ he says. ‘We just felt it would be a good thing to do.’

But it wasn’t his marriage that was in trouble (everything with journalist wife Dinah, the mother of his one-year-old daughter, is tickety-boo); it was his relationship with his genetic other half. 

 Today in the Mail's pullout, the twins focus on anti-ageing your brain, and show you simple strategies to give it a boost — from telling you why you're becoming forgetful to revealing the techniques you can use to improve brain health and function

 Today in the Mail’s pullout, the twins focus on anti-ageing your brain, and show you simple strategies to give it a boost — from telling you why

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A Classic Enemy Returns in Thrilling ‘Doctor Who’ New Year’s Day Special (RECAP)

Happy Who Year!

Christmas just didn’t feel right this year without the annual festive Doctor Who episode, but thankfully, the show’s first ever New Year’s Day special is the perfect hangover cure. It’s fun, fast-paced, and at times thrilling; the kind of alien-versus-earth adventure which was sorely missing from season 11. It’s almost hard to believe this is the same Chris Chibnall that wrote the terribly mundane “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos” season finale.

Chibnall intentionally avoided using old-school Who villains in his first season as show-runner. He wanted a fresh start with new characters and new monsters, and while not all of them landed, the idea of establishing a new era of Who was an admirable goal. It’s perhaps that lack of familiarity across ten episodes that helped build anticipation and made the return of the Daleks (or, at least, a Dalek) so exciting.

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Christmas Eve Marathons: Doctor Who, Modern Family, The Simpsons, more

Doctor Who season 11 logoWant to check out some of the best television marathons that are happening on Christmas Eve? Then consider this article the perfect source! We’ve got a number of the most-notable marathons that are happening for you across television here, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of them are fairly lighthearted in nature.

Let’s try to frame the marathons through the following lens — it’s the day before Christmas and odds are, you’re just looking for something lighthearted and fun. If you aren’t scouting out something super-serious on TV, then we think that many of these shows should be right up your alley.

Note that all of the times listed below (via TV Guide) are Eastern; be sure to adjust accordingly depending on where you are located.

Charmed (3-10 a.m., TNT)
Doctor Who (3 a.m.-midnight, BBC America)Read more at: https://cartermatt.com/343302/christmas-eve-marathons-doctor-who-modern-family-the-simpsons-more/

Trevor Noah Returns to South Africa, ‘Good Doctor’ Winter Finale, Mandy Moore Explores Her Roots

A critical checklist of notable Monday TV:

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Self-Deportation Edition (11/10c, Comedy Central): It will be a very special homecoming for the Daily Show host, who returned to South African to host Sunday’s Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 at Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium. (The lineup was scheduled to include Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams Chris Martin and Usher, among many others.) In the special edition of The Daily Show, Noah revisits haunts from his hometown and looks at Nelson Mandela’s lasting legacy on South Africa and beyond.

Trevor Noah on How Speaking Multiple Languages Has Helped His Comedy (VIDEO)

Trevor Noah on How Speaking Multiple Languages Has Helped His Comedy (VIDEO)

And how it’s given his an edge over the competition.

The Good Doctor (10/9c, ABC): All hands on deck to handle a medical crisis in the winter finale of the popular

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New ‘Doctor Who’ Special Moves From Christmas to New Year’s Day

Doctor Who is getting a New Year’s Day special instead of its traditional Christmas broadcast.

BBC America said it will air all of the sci-fi show’s past Christmas programs Dec. 24-25, followed by a continuous run of episodes to end with the new holiday adventure on Jan. 1.

'Doctor Who': Take a Look Inside the New TARDIS (PHOTOS)

‘Doctor Who’: Take a Look Inside the New TARDIS (PHOTOS)

Production designer Arwel Jones explains the TARDIS’ interior.

Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall penned the hourlong special and Wayne Yip directed it.

“Jodie Whittaker and the dynamic new team have propelled Doctor Who to become TV’s fastest growing scripted series of the year. We can’t think of a better holiday gift to the fans than a week-long marathon of Doctor Who Christmas specials and fan-favorite episodes leading into 2019 with new traditions and our first-ever ‘Who Year’s Day’ special,”

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‘Doctor Who’: Team TARDIS Is Under Siege by the World’s Most Adorable Alien (RECAP)

Team TARDIS checks into a futuristic hospital where a pocket-sized pest is on the loose in tonight’s brand new Doctor Who.

We’re at the halfway point of the season, and in an ideal world, the series should be hitting its stride by now. The characters have been introduced and settled into a comfortable dynamic, and Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor has quickly become a commanding presence. Now is the time for some weird and wonderful Doctor Who adventures. Sadly, it feels like the TARDIS is stuck on autopilot, steadily cruising through the motions.

'Doctor Who' Episode 4 Is a Bug-Infested Adventure That Will Make Your Skin Crawl (RECAP)

‘Doctor Who’ Episode 4 Is a Bug-Infested Adventure That Will Make Your Skin Crawl (RECAP)

The Doctor and Team TARDIS become pest control when a mutant spider infestation takes over the city of Sheffield.

“The Tsuangra Conundrum,” written by

Read more at: https://madison.com/entertainment/television/doctor-who-team-tardis-is-under-siege-by-the-world/article_537700cc-c1de-56d7-bb9c-0a29610cc3c9.html

‘Doctor Who’ First Trailer Showcases Jodie Whittaker as New Lead — ‘I’m the Doctor’ (VIDEO)

The first full trailer for Doctor Who‘s upcoming eleventh season just dropped, teasing Jodie Whittaker as the series’ 13th and first female Doctor.

In the action-packed sneak peek she says, “I’m the Doctor. When people need help, I never refuse,” and later on — “Sometimes I see things need fixin’. I do what I can.”

'Doctor Who' EP  Jodie Whittaker on the Season 11 Change That'll Drive Fans Crazy (VIDEO)

‘Doctor Who’ EP Jodie Whittaker on the Season 11 Change That’ll Drive Fans Crazy (VIDEO)

Plus, Whittaker reveals for favorite past Doctor.

The trailer also shows her new crew: Ryan (Tosin Cole), Yasmin (Mandip Gill) and Graham (Bradley Walsh), Whittaker running through explosives, time travel, and a potential new adversary.

In TV Insider’s interview with Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall, he told us, “I always knew I wanted the 13th Doctor to be

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Anti-Abortion Extremist Who Shot Doctor And Bombed Clinics Is Freed From Prison

Anti-abortion extremist Shelley Johnson, who never apologized for shooting a doctor and fireboming several abortion clinics, has been released from federal prison, sparking fears from pro-choice groups that she could continue promoting violence.

Rachelle “Shelley” Shannon left the Waseca Federal Correctional Facility in Minnesota on Monday. She was transported to a halfway house in Portland, Oregon, where she will reside for several months before a final release, according to The Kansas City Star in Missouri.

Shannon had been sentenced to 11 years in prison after shooting and wounding George Tiller, an abortion doctor and outspoken pro-choice advocate, in 1993. She was arrested several hours after the shooting. After being booked, police discovered a letter written to her daughter that detailed the crime.

“I’m not denying I shot Tiller,” she wrote. “But I deny that it was wrong. It was the most holy, most righteous thing I’ve ever done. I have no regrets.”

She received

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Georgia Doctor Allegedly Threatened To Behead And Maim Her Employees, Tore Up Office

Someone get this doctor a doctor.

A family practice doctor in Georgia allegedly threatened to send her own employees to the emergency room or the grave — saying she would slit their throats, cut their heads off and slice their bodies open.

Dr. Marian Antoinette Patterson, who is based in Valdosta, was arrested Thursday and charged with three counts of terroristic threats and one count of false imprisonment, according to WCTV News in Thomasville. She was suspended by the Georgia Composite Medical Board March 5.

The suspension order detailed what happened in her office on February 21. 

According to the order, Patterson yelled and cursed at her employees and repeatedly told them she was going to slit their throats. She also called her employees “fat ass bitches” and “sluts.”

She told one employee that she was going to cut her from her throat to her private parts, the order said.

She told another employee she was going to cut the employee’s head

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Prince’s Death: Doctor Will Be Fined For Opioid Prescription, But No Charges

The Minnesota doctor who allegedly prescribed painkillers a week before Prince’s death will be fined for a federal civil violation, but the investigation into the pop icon’s overdose will end with no charges, officials said Thursday.

Carver County Attorney Mark Metz announced the end of the Prince probe two days before the second anniversary of the “Purple Rain” singer’s death.

“The bottom line is that we simply do not have sufficient evidence to charge anyone with a crime related to Prince’s death,” Metz said in a press conference, noting that the investigation could be reopened if new evidence was presented.

He said there is no doubt that the actions of the people around Prince will be still criticized. But “suspicions and innuendo are categorically inefficient to support any criminal charges,” he said.

About 90 minutes before Metz’s announcement, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Minnesota announced it reached a $30,000 civil settlement with Dr.

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