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Woman Allegedly Destroys Two Andy Warhol Paintings While On Date With Former Trump Donor

Dallas resident and court reporter Lindy Lou Layman, 29, was arrested on charges of criminal mischief after destroying approximately $300,000 of property during a date gone awry. 

According to KHOU, Layman has been accused of damaging three paintings and two sculptures at the River Oaks home of 49-year-old attorney Anthony Buzbee. Reports indicate that she allegedly poured an unspecified liquid onto the artworks. She also allegedly tore the paintings off the wall and tossed the sculptures around. Two of the paintings are reported to have been created by Andy Warhol and were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each, according to CBS News.

Buzbee had reportedly called Layman an Uber after she became too intoxicated on a date, reported Time. Later, he could not get her to vacate the premises. Buzbee’s lawyer added that Layman “at some point appeared too intoxicated and she was asked to leave. She wouldn’t and got angry

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