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CrimeCon Day 1: Podcasts, crowds and death

NEW ORLEANS — Hundreds of true crime aficionados descended on New Orleans Friday for the opening day of CrimeCon, an annual convention highlighting scandalous or underreported crimes and the people who shed light on them.

The convention started at noon with attendees flooding into Podcast Row. Podcasters from popular shows such as Oxygen’s Martinis Murder and regional podcasts such as Southern Fried True Crime met with fans and took selfies in front of their booths. 

But one of the booths on Podcast Row was for a show that isn’t out yet. 

Tegna (WWL-TV’s parent company) is planning to launch True Crime Chronicles on June 24. The podcast digs into the archives of Tegna stations around the country (including WWL, Tegna owns 49 TV stations in 41 areas) and talks with the people involved, from reporters to witnesses and prosecutors. 

Jessica Noll, a podcast host and producer, was covering cold cases in Georgia when

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Join CrimeCon Cold Case Club And Solve The Real Cold Case Of Maura Murray

Do you love obsessing over cold cases? Do you spend countless hours debating your theories behind unsolved mysteries? Now there’s a place you can put on your amateur detective hat for real. Oxygen is partnering with the CrimeCon Cold Case Club to give fans like you the opportunity to work alongside our experts and investigators in uncovering new leads and theories to help solve real-life cases.

The first case follows the mysterious disappearance of nursing student Maura Murray. On February 9, 2004, Murray disappeared without a trace. The 21-year-old nursing student emptied her bank account and emailed her professors at University of Massachusetts and her employer requesting time off after death in her family. The death never occurred. That night, she crashed her car into a tree along a highway in New Hampshire. Witnesses called the police but by the time they showed up, the young woman was gone.

What happened to

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CrimeCon: ‘My Name Is Jane Carson-Sandler And I Was Victim #5’

According to The FBI, the Golden State Killer (aka the East Area Rapist), who has never been caught, committed at least 45 rapes, murdered 12 people and burglarized 120 homes across California from 1979 to 1986. But the statistics don’t shed light on how the demented and terrifying attacks on women and couples left a trail of people to pick up the pieces of their lives long after being victimized. One such woman came to CrimeCon 2017 to tell her story. 

“My name is Jane Carson-Sandler and I was victim #5,” she said to audible gasps in a packed auditorium. “I want you to know how I went from victim to survivor to thriver.”

[Jane Carson-Sandler via LinkedIn]
But the journey to becoming a thriver took decades, and when she tells her story it’s not hard to see why. One night

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CrimeCon Panel: Expect More Bodies In Long Island Serial Case

1. The Facts

The case of the Long Island Serial Killer began when an escort named Shannan Gilbert placed a call to 911 saying that her life was in danger after meeting a client off Craigslist in May 2010. The call was 23 minutes long, and has never been released by police. Shannan disappeared that same night near Gilgo Beach on New York’s Long Island. In December of that same year, the bodies of four more women—all believed to be escorts—were discovered wrapped in burlap around the same area. Additional bodies have been discovered in subsequent years, and it’s believed the serial killer  (or killers, no one seems to know if it’s the work of a lone psychopath) is responsible for the murders of between 10 and 17 people, all women except for one baby and an Asian male dressed in female clothing. The one thing that is known is that

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