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Real Life ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Charged with Stalking and Harassment after Sending Date 65000 Text Messages

Well, she definitely didn’t ghost him.

A 31-year-old Arizona woman was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of stalking and harassing a man she went out with once, allegedly sending him a whopping 65,000 text messages. 

Jacqueline Ades claims she met the unidentified Paradise Valley man through Luxy, an online dating site geared towards matchmaking millionaires with “pretty girls,” according to Ades, in a bizarre, rambling jailhouse interview with several Phoenix reporters, including Arizona Family.

The two shared an evening together last summer, but apparently Ades wasn’t ready to say goodbye once the date had ended.

She began sending the man in the neighborhood of 500 texts a day—about 65,000 in total, according to ABC 15 in Phoenix.

In July 2017, the man reported her to police for parking outside his house and, on April 8, Ades is accused of breaking into his home while he was out of the country. The victim was

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Man Shoots Random Woman Walking Her Dogs To Show His GF How "Crazy" He Can Get

A New Orleans man is accused of shooting a random 54-year-old woman who was out walking her dogs in a bizarre attempt to either impress or frighten his girlfriend. Glen Alveris, 26, allegedly wanted to show his girlfriend just how “crazy” he can be when he shot the woman in her leg earlier this month. He also allegedly threatened to hurt his 20-year-old girlfriend during that incident. The whole eruption of violence was triggered by an argument between the two: Alveris was upset that she danced with another man at a party, the New Orleans Advocate reports.

“I’m going to show you how crazy I am,” Alveris allegedly said while waving around a pistol, “I will shoot anybody who plays with me.”

Then, he allegedly shot the woman.

Alveris’ girlfriend didn’t notify police at first. In fact, police didn’t appear to have any leads in the shooting, and the couple even

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Azealia Banks Had Some Crazy Ish To Say About The Nicki Minaj/Remy Ma Beef

The rivalry between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma exploded over the weekend when Remy Ma dropped her scathing diss track “ShETHER,” and as the world waits for a response diss track that may never come, everyone is weighing in on the drama, including everyone’s favorite sh*t-stirrer, Azealia Banks.

So what side is she on? Considering the bad blood that’s long existed between her and Nick, it’s no surprise that Azealia is #TeamRemy on this one.

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“I bet nick will do something p*ssy and try to call the cops on remy,” she wrote on Twitter. “She’s evil enough to try and set remy up like that. Soon you’ll be knocking on my door trying to buy

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Teyana Taylor’s Dance Moves Made Usher Go Crazy Onstage

Normally, when I see an incredibly hot woman dance onstage I feel either bored or jealous, depending on her level of skill. With Teyana Taylor I just feel lucky to be watching. I will never get tired of Teyana Taylor owning everyone on the dance floor.

Taylor showed up at a Hot 97 concert on Saturday night and twerked for Usher. Obviously, she looks incredible, but it also seems like she’s chewing gum, which I find hilarious. She’s like, “Yeah, I am a queen and I don’t need to spit my gum out to concentrate on this.”

@usher @teyanataylor is what did it for me tongihttttt ???????????????????????????????? . #Usher #TeyanaTaylor #BadGirl #Hot4TheHolidays #Live #NYC #Concert #HotForTheHolidays #Hot97

A video posted by yeahimfamous (@yeahimfamous) on Dec 3, 2016 at 9:57pm PST


Usher can barely concentrate on his song of course, and tries to get in

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Stephanie Lazarus, Sherri Rasmussen: Crazy-Eyed Killer Cop Guns Down Wife Of Ex Lover In California Condo On …

Stephanie Lazarus, the former LAPD detective who murdered her ex-boyfriend’s wife, Sherri Rasmussen, 30 years ago, is the leading story of crime and murder on Oxygen’s It Takes A Killer. The episode reenacting the Lazarus-Rasmussen case is titled, “The Casanova Killer.” In addition to Oxygen’s coverage of the case, Sherri Rasmussen’s murder was also the subject of CBS 48 Hours.

Husband Surprised By Wife’s Dead Body

In 1986, John Ruetten, an engineer, came home from work hoping to unwind after a long day. Instead, he found the dead body of his wife sprawled on the floor in a large pool of blood. When the police arrived at the Balboa Boulevard condo, they found that the dead woman had been beaten about

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