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Pet Husky Goes On Fowl Killing Spree, Owner Charged With 30 Misdemeanors

A woman in Utah is being charged with almost 30 misdemeanors after her pet husky Nikita went on an alleged killing spree, leaving a trail of dead chickens, ducks and a goose in its wake.

Mackenzie Morton, from Tooele, was charged with 27 misdemeanors related to Nikita attacking and killing other animals and one count of an animal running at large, according to Fox-13 in Salt Lake City. The spree happened in the early morning hours of Memorial Day, police said.

At least two dozen animals were killed in a span of two hours.

One of Morton’s neighbors, a man named Trip Kiss, runs a petting a zoo for children with disabilities. He told the TV station his motion sensors went off early in the morning. When he looked at his surveillance cameras, he saw a husky in and around his house, the yard and the driveway. What’s more, the husky was

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Hoarding Nightmare: Man Charged with Murder After Contractor Died Digging Tunnels Under His Home

A bizarre home in suburban Maryland — with hundreds of feet of tunnels running at least 20 feet below the surface — is now the center of a murder investigation.

Daniel Beckwitt, 27, allegedly hired 21-year-old Askia Khafra to help him dig the tunnels. During a fire last September, rescuers discovered Khafra’s naked, charred body in Beckwitt’s basement. Officials said he died of smoke inhalation.

Cops charged Beckwitt with second-degree “depraved heart” murder last Friday, saying he showed “extreme disregard” for the 21-year-old’s life, according to an arrest report obtained by Oxygen.com.

Beckwitt’s reason for digging the strange tunnels remains a mystery. Investigators described the house as a hoarding nightmare, with “immense piles of garbage” and “narrow, maze-like pathways,” in the arrest report. The strange network of tunnels stretched out beneath city streets, authorities said.

Beckwitt allegedly hired Khafra multiple times to work on his tunnel system. On each occasion, he insisted Khafra wear

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California Man Charged With Murder After Veteran’s Charred Remains Found

A night of partying at a hangout for biker veterans in northern California turned deadly, authorities say — and one man is accused of torturing and murdering a 70-year-old Vietnam vet before burning his remains.

Sean Bryant, 51, was booked Sunday for allegedly murdering and torturing Stanley Owen Norman.

Bryant initially told cops that he and Norman spent the night of April 14 drinking together into the next morning. He said he eventually passed out and woke up as the sun was coming up the next day to find Norman, his Hummer H2 and his poodle KoKo all missing.

Cops searched for Norman for a month and eventually found his charred remains on one of Bryant’s properties.

Bryant made inroads with the veteran community after moving to Grass Valley in rural northern California roughly two years ago, according to Kristen Day, a fellow veteran who organized a community search for Norman and spoke to Oxygen.com.


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Florida Women Charged And Cops Investigated After A Marshall’s Robbery Turned Deadly

It started with two women suspected of stealing from a Marshall’s clothing store in Orlando, Florida. It ended in a botched getaway and police shooting and killing the alleged thieves’ driver.

Jocelyn Villot, 32, and Brittany Chandler, 26, had initially faced murder charges after the robbery because it led to the death of their getaway driver, 32-year-old Juan Alberto Silva, according to an arrest report obtained by Oxygen.com. Orange County prosecutors decided last week not to press the murder charges because the pair did not encourage anyone to commit a violent act, an assistant state attorney told the Orlando Sentinel. The two women are still charged with grand theft and resisting arrest. 

Florida state police are also investigating the police shooting and will hand their report to state prosecutors. They will ultimately decide whether to charge the Orlando officers for shooting the driver, who appeared to be attempting to flee the scene. 

The confrontation began

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Four Teens Charged For Killing Baltimore County Cop Days Before Her Birthday And Anniversary

A manhunt for the killers of a Maryland police officer — who had planned to celebrate her birthday and wedding anniversary this weekend — ended Tuesday with the arrests of three teenagers.

The three suspects — who are 15, 16 and 17 and have not been identified — were charged as adults Wednesday morning with murder and burglary, according to WBAL-TV in Baltimore.

Their arrests come after Dawnta Harris, 16, was busted for his alleged role in the death of Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio, 29.

Caprio on Monday confronted burglary suspects who attempted to flee in a vehicle. She ordered Harris, the driver of the Jeep, to step out of the car, police reported. Harris then allegedly charged at her and Caprio fired her weapon at the Jeep. After Harris allegedly mowed her down, he abandoned the vehicle nearby. It was found with a bullet hole in the front windshield.



Caprio later died

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Man Charged For Killing Christian Camp Counselors Nearly 14 Years Ago

Prosecutors have charged a man for the murders of two Christian camp counselors in California from nearly 14 years ago.

Shaun Gallon, 38, is the suspect for the 2004 deaths of Jason Allen, 26, and Lindsey Cutshall, 22. The two were counselors at a camp near Sacramento who went on a three-day sightseeing trip to the coast and never came back. They were found dead in their sleeping bags on a secluded beach at the mouth of the Russian River in northern California in August 2004.

Gallon was arrested in March 2017 for allegedly murdering his brother in their home in the small town of Forestville, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas.

Gallon had been a person of interest since early in the investigation of the campers’ murders, according to Freitas, but investigators never had enough evidence to charge him.

Officers questioned Gallon about the

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Connecticut Woman Charged For Triple Murder Of Family, Burning Down Their House

A grisly triple murder, home invasion and fire that shocked a sleepy Connecticut neighborhood have led to one suspect’s arrest, and more busts may be on the way, police said.

Ruth Correa, 23, appeared in court Monday on charges for the deaths of Kenneth and Janet Lindquist, as well as their son Matthew. Correa is charged with murder, home invasion, robbery and torching the Lindquist’s house after the killings last December. She did not enter a plea.

Police had initially considered Matthew Lindquist a person of interest in the murder of his parents, whose burned bodies were discovered inside the home. But several months later, on May 5, police found Matthew’s body near the site of the fire, according to WFSB-TV in Hartford. 

New details about the crime emerged Monday, which indicate Kenneth and Janet Lindquist suffered severe blunt trauma to the head, according to the Hartford Courant. Kenneth Lindquist reportedly died

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Mason Ferris Charged With Murder Of Savannah Hill, Tipster Who …

It all started as a helpful tip to put a wanted man behind bars, but ended in the tragic death of the tipster, a 21-year-old mom of two.

A 19-year-old Missouri man was charged with murder Friday, after police accidentally shot and killed Savannah Hill while she was attempting to help bring the man to justice.

Mason Farris (pictured) was wanted for a parole violation when Hill called police last Saturday afternoon to say that Farris was with her. She told them he would likely run away on foot, but suggested she could put on her car’s child safety locks to keep him in her vehicle if they pulled her car over to apprehend him, according to a court document obtained by Oxygen.com.

Eight minutes later two patrol cars and three officers made a traffic stop that ended in tragedy and bloodshed.

Farris, the wanted man, was seated in the back of

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