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Breaking News – Oxygen Media’s "Buried in the Backyard" Returns for Season Two on Monday, May 13 at 9PM ET/PT


New York, NY – May 9, 2019 – Oxygen Media, the destination for high-quality crime programming, kicks off a second season of “Buried in the Backyard” on Monday, May 13 at 9pm ET/PT. The series highlights stories of murder, betrayal, and deceit, proving that people bury a lot more than their secrets. For a sneak peek, please visit: https://www.oxygen.com/buried-in-the-backyard/season-2/videos/buried-in-the-backyard-returns-for-a-new-season-on-monday

“Buried in the Backyard” examines true-crime stories of victims found hidden in quintessential idyllic spaces. While most people enjoy their backyards as safe havens, others are far less fortunate when they come face-to-face with horrific discoveries lurking beneath their well-trimmed hedges and manicured lawns. Unearthing the human remains is only the beginning, however, as each

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Luc Tieman Shot And Buried Wife Valerie In The Backyard | Crime …

It took a jury minutes to convict a Maine man of murder on Monday for killing his wife and burying her body behind his parents house – in a shallow grave along with a note signed with his nick-name, a wedding band, flowers, a bag of potato chips, a box of SweeTarts and bottle of Gucci women’s perfume called Guilty.

Luc Tieman, 34, a former Army paratrooper who saw combat in Iraq, according to his lawyer, was convicted of murder for shooting his wife, Valerie, twice in the head with .45 caliber pistol in August, 2016. He now faces 25 years in prison, according to CentralMaine.com, a news website.

Police and prosecutors believe Tieman killed his wife on August 25, 2016, a day before he moved in with another woman he met at a pool party and referred to as his “rebound girl,” according to prosecutors.

Valerie Tieman’s mother, Sarajean Harmon, last spoke to

Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/crime-time/Luc-Tieman-Shot-And-Buried-Wife-Valerie-In-Shallow-Grave

Man Kills Himself And Leaves Note Saying He Buried Wife In The Backyard

A Florida man killed himself, leaving behind a suicide note saying he had buried his wife in the backyard, mere hours after police performed a welfare check on the elderly couple. A concerned relative had asked authorities to look in on them after receiving a “disturbing package in the mail from 75-year-old Laurence Caulfield,” according to the official police report. The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports human remains were found on the Caulfield’s property as of late Wednesday, however, they have yet to be identified.

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The relative said they hadn’t spoken to the Caulfield’s in several months. On Tuesday they received a packet that contained “the couple’s will and life insurance policy along with other financial

Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/blogs/man-kills-himself-and-leaves-note-saying-he-buried-wife-in-the-backyard

Killer who had lover buried in backyard tried to flee prison by forging Dallas judge’s signature

Harris hired a 13-year-old and his uncle to dig Giles’ grave under the ruse that she was installing a pond, then got a man to pour a 3-by-15-foot concrete slab on top.

She posed as Giles in emails and texts, telling his family he was in New Mexico and needed some time away. Prosecutors say she even had a new boyfriend pretend to be Giles, dressed up in bandages after a supposed car accident, so she could gain access to Giles’ financial accounts.

Authorities excavated Giles’ body from his own backyard in 2007.

Garland police arrested Harris, but while out on bond she paid a teenager to confess to the crime, authorities say.

Police didn’t buy it. Neither did prosecutors, who took her to trial in 2009. Harris ended up taking a plea deal for 50 years in prison.

“It’s the craziest case I ever tried in my life,” said Healy, the former prosecutor now

Read more at: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2016/04/15/killer-who-hired-help-to-bury-lover-plotted-prison-escape-by-forging-dallas-judges-signature