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Mother’s joy as her baby survives being born TWO DAYS before abortion limit

A ‘miracle’ baby survived being born two days before the abortion limit – despite weighing only 1lb 4oz.

Anita Hyams, from Southend, Essex, gave birth to her third child, William, after just 23 weeks and five days. 

Doctors devastatingly told her that he would not be resuscitated unless he had a heartbeat because he was born so prematurely.  

But William defied all of the odds. Now 16 months, he is healthy and thriving, after spending four months in hospital.

Mrs Hyams, 38, and her police detention officer husband Dan, 36, are now calling for the 24 week abortion limit to be lowered. 

Anita Hyams, from Southend, Essex, gave birth to her third child, William, after just 23 weeks and five days (William is pictured now, at 16 months)

Anita Hyams, from Southend, Essex, gave birth

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Shooter Asked YouTube For A Job One Day Before Attack At Offices

Youtube shooter Nasim Aghdam apparently visited the company’s corporate headquarters to ask for employment just one day before her attack there, according to a police report.

In a new report released by the San Bruno police on Thursday, officials explained that Aghdam, 39, showed up at the San Bruno, California headquarters April 2 and stayed for 10 minutes. She “asked for directions to the main office and was directed to the front desk where she inquired about employment.” 

A day later, around 1 p.m., she showed up again. This time, she was concealing a pistol in her purse, according to the statement from police. 

“Aghdam was carrying a purse over her left shoulder and walked directly to a pedestrian door leading to a courtyard area between the parking structure and the YouTube Building,” the police statement said.

An employee asked her for identification.

“Aghdam ignored the employee, reached into her purse with her

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Four Teens Charged For Killing Baltimore County Cop Days Before Her Birthday And Anniversary

A manhunt for the killers of a Maryland police officer — who had planned to celebrate her birthday and wedding anniversary this weekend — ended Tuesday with the arrests of three teenagers.

The three suspects — who are 15, 16 and 17 and have not been identified — were charged as adults Wednesday morning with murder and burglary, according to WBAL-TV in Baltimore.

Their arrests come after Dawnta Harris, 16, was busted for his alleged role in the death of Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio, 29.

Caprio on Monday confronted burglary suspects who attempted to flee in a vehicle. She ordered Harris, the driver of the Jeep, to step out of the car, police reported. Harris then allegedly charged at her and Caprio fired her weapon at the Jeep. After Harris allegedly mowed her down, he abandoned the vehicle nearby. It was found with a bullet hole in the front windshield.



Caprio later died

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Jennifer Hart May Have Been Drunk Before Family SUV Plunged Off Cliff

Jennifer Hart was reportedly drunk behind the wheel when her family’s SUV fell 100 feet off the Pacific Coast Highway in March. 

California Highway Patrol Capt. Bruce Carpenter said last week that Hart had a blood alcohol level of 0.102, according to People. The legal limit is .08.

Five members of the family were found dead at the bottom of the cliff—married couple Jennifer and Sarah Hart and three adopted children, Markis, 19, Jeremiah, 14, and Abigail, 14—after a motorist saw the remains of the SUV on March 26 in Northern California. Three remaining kids—Devonte, 15, Hannah, 16, and Sierra Hart, 12— are unaccounted for. 

Authorities believe all eight members of the family are dead, reported People

The official cause of the crash is under investigation, but police said that the vehicle’s software data suggests that the plunge off the cliff was deliberate. Police said Jennifer was driving the car when it fell and are looking into the Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/crime-time/jennifer-hart-may-have-been-drunk-family-suv-plunged-cliff

Teen Crushed In Minivan Makes Harrowing 911 Call Before Dying: ‘Tell My Mom That I Love Her’

Kyle Plush tried to retrieve tennis equipment in his parked Honda Odyssey minivan and somehow ended up dead. The Cincinnati teen, 16, was found pinned under the vehicle’s third-row bench, which compressed his chest and caused him to die of asphyxia, according to CNN.

After becoming pinned, Plush was able to call 911 twice using Siri on his phone, telling authorities that he was in “desperate need of help” at around 3:15 PM. According to CNN, Plush and the operator had trouble hearing each other, and the call ended after Plush said, “If you don’t send help I’m gonna die soon.”

Cops searched the parking lot of his Seven Hills School, but they were unable to initially locate the victim. The search lasted for 11 minutes until they closed the incident.

A little after 3:20 PM, two minutes before officers ended the search, Plush called 911 again. His voice was faint,

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‘Tourniquet Killer’ Anthony Shore Confessed To More Rapes Before His Execution

Anthony Shore, the so-called “Tourniquet Killer” of Texas, confessed before his execution earlier this year to the brutal rapes of two women decades ago, a report revealed Monday.

Shore, 55, admitted to raping one woman in front of her husband at gunpoint, and another woman at knifepoint, according to a report by the Texas Rangers’ Department of Public Safety.

Shore said he started groping women on bike paths when he lived in the Sacramento, Calif. area in the late ’70s and early ’80s, and then started raping them to be a copycat of a serial rapist who was terrorizing the area.

He first broke into a woman’s house, tied her up and raped her, the report said.

Later, he broke into a young couple’s home.

“Shore allegedly tied up the man and the woman, and made the man ‘watch’ as he sexually assaulted the woman,” the report said, according to The Houston Chronicle. “According to Shore,

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Rapper Safaree Says He Was Robbed At Gunpoint Right Before An Interview

Rapper and reality star Safaree Samuels said he was robbed at gunpoint on Monday, hours before giving a radio interview, where he revealed the attack.

The “Love Hip Hop” star shared his story with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1 in New York City, saying it happened soon before they went on air. 

“I just got robbed at gunpoint,” he said, near tears.

“A couple hours ago … Two dudes with guns just ran up on me,” he said. “Had me face down to the floor with a gun to my head. They just took everything,” he explained.

BREAKING: @iamsafaree was robbed at gun point this morning and shares traumatizing ordeal with @angiemartinez ???????? – Interview airs tomorrow at 3PM ???? #Safaree

A post shared by Power 105.1 (@power1051) on Apr 2, 2018 at 3:33pm PDT

He then took to Twitter to share, “This morning was probably 1

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‘Suitcase Killer’ Before His Execution: ‘I’ve Fought The Good Fight’

A man who killed two women before disposing of their bodies in suitcases was executed by lethal injection in Texas on Tuesday evening.

Rosendo Rodriguez III, 38, also known as the “suitcase killer” was convicted of the 2005 murder of 29-year-old Summer Baldwin, who was ten weeks pregnant and a mother of four. While in prison he confessed to another killing: the death of Joanna Rogers, a 16-year-old girl whom Rodriguez met in a chatroom, according to CBS News. Rogers went missing in 2004 and her mummified remains were found in 2006. The human remains of both women were found inside two separate suitcases, both of which ended up at the San Antonio city dump. Rodriguez was additionally connected to five sexual assaults, including to that of his high school girlfriend.

Before his execution, Rodriguez was asked if he had a final statement. He responded by a speaking for seven minutes,

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Police: James Worley Searched For ‘Hogtyed + Teen’ On A Porn Site Weeks Before Student’s Death

Just weeks before Sierah Joughin’s bound and gagged body was found in a cornfield a few miles from James Worley’s home, he searched for “hogtyed + teen” on a pornographic website, Toledo Police Detective David Morford testified at Worley’s murder trial.

Worley is currently on trial for the aggravated murder and abduction of University of Toledo student Joughin. The 20-year-old went missing on July 19, 2016 while riding her bike on a rural road near Toledo, according to CNN. Joughin had been texting with her boyfriend but went silent later that night. Three days later her body was discovered buried in a shallow grave in a cornfield.

Worley’s pornography searches have been the focus of testimony in his ongoing trial, according to The Toledo Blade. Morford testified that Worley, now 58, searched for porn for hours the very day that Joughin went missing.

His friend of 35 years, Lawrence Krist,

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Cops Let Intoxicated Paramedic Off The Hook Before He Causes Fatal Crash

A paramedic from Indiana was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and with reckless homicide last week for allegedly causing an accident which killed a couple. Tron Gorbonosenko, 40, was off-duty and allegedly driving his Ford Mustang with a blood alcohol level of .17 last month when the crash occurred, according to WNDU.

Don and Angie Kaczmarek, two local business owners, were inside a Honda Odyssey van when they were hit. Both died at the scene. Gorbonosenko was critically injured but released from a hospital about a week later.

Now, details are emerging that reveal that three police officers allegedly encountered Gorbonosenko before the crash, to investigate him for another fender bender. According to the Herald Argus, the cops investigated him just 90 minutes before the Kaczmarek couple was killed. That publication obtained a tort claim notice which accuses the police officers of “failing to perform their statutory

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