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Every movie and TV show coming to Netflix, Stan, hayu and Amazon Prime Video in December 2018


December 1
Sherlock Gnomes

Craig of the Creek: Season 1, Part 1

We Bare Bears: Season 3, Part 2

Ben 10: Season 2, weekly episodes

Saving Santa

Foster’s Home: A Lost Claus

Billy and Mandy Save Christmas

The Man Who Saved Christmas

Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas

Hollywood Hound’s Christmas

Arthur Christmas

December 2
Escape At Dannemora, weekly episodes

The Other Side of Hope

December 3
Enemies: The President, Justice FBI – Part 3

Gabriel and the Mountain


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (U.S.)

December 4
Urine Aid

At War with Love

December 5
The Edge of Seventeen

Perfect Strangers

Max 2: White House Hero

December 6
All American: Season 1, weekly episodes

Death Wish (2018)

Man In An Orange Shirt (Miniseries)

Mexico’s Most Wanted

December 7
Will Grace: Season 2, weekly

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Missing American Family Found Safe In Brazil’s Amazon After Pirate Attack

A California family has been found safe after going missing in Brazil’s Amazon. The Washington Post reported that 39-year-old Adam Harris Harteau and 37-year-old Emily Faith Harteau and their daughters Colette, 7, and Sierra, 3, were traveling through the Amazon River delta area when they were attacked by pirates.

According to Associated Press, they were found by a fisherman after a few days in good condition. They suffered just scratches and insect bites.

When we adults were rock climbing in the magical #ParqueChapadaDiamantina, the girls each claimed their houses and focused on playing. Colette discovered a red rock which she said was so crumbly she made it into a “witch powder.” Adam asked what would happen if she added water, and her face lit up. She poured water, mixed it into a paint, made a twiggy paintbrush, painted her sisters face, then asked us to come over so she could adorn

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Woman Murdered While Kayaking Amazon River Days After Posting Chilling Tweet: ‘Turned Corner And Found 50 Guys’

A British adventurer was murdered while trying to kayak the entire Amazon River.

According to CBS News, 43-year-old former principal Emma Kelty was last heard from on September 13 when she sent a creepy tweet about her fear of being robbed or killed in a remote part of northern Brazil.

“Turned corner and found 50 guys in motor boats with arrows!!! My face mist hve been a picture!! (Town was uber quiet… too quiet!!) all go…” she shared.

That was her last tweet.

Brazil’s navy said in a statement on Saturday that Kelty was between the cities of Codajas and Coari when she activated an emergency beacon. That area is apparently known for pirates and drug traffickers.

Her kayak

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