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‘I only wanted to lose weight but I almost lost my life’: 22-stone woman, 35, nearly died after a gastric sleeve …

An obese woman claims she was given just days to live after she developed deadly sepsis from a gastric sleeve operation.

Laura Battrum, 35, from Birmingham, was severely overweight at 22 stone (308lbs) when she decided weight-loss surgery was her only option.

Due to her suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the NHS agreed to pay for the operation, which took place last January. 

Thrilled, Miss Battrum thought she was one step closer to her dream of starting a family with her partner of eight years Steve, 37. 

Instead, she claims she developed sepsis and was given three days to live before being put in an induced coma for a month.

After spending a total of four months in hospital, Miss Battrum is finally back at home. But the health and social assessor is now forced to use a colostomy bag, and battles mobility problems and fatigue every day.

Read more at: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6204937/Woman-35-claims-given-just-days-live-developing-sepsis-weight-loss-surgery.html

Cop Brings KY Jelly To Confront Man Who Almost Killed Him: ‘I Brought A Little Gift For You’

A Florida police officer confronted the man who nearly killed him in court on Wednesday and he used K-Y Jelly to taunt his almost-murderer. Kevin Rojas, 21, was sentenced to life in prison for almost killing the undercover detective, whose name has not been identified, and his teen son.

“I brought a little gift for you,” the detective told Rojas at his sentencing hearing, according to Action News Jax, while pulling out a bottle of lubricant. “You will need it where you are going.”

The incident happened when the undercover officer was driving his 14-year-old son to school last year. He wasn’t on duty, but he was wearing a ballistic vest with the text “police” on it, WTLV reports. The cop spotted a Cadillac driving recklessly, driven by Rojas, who was 19 at the time. He attempted to pull over Rojas, who was fleeing a domestic dispute with his live-in

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