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Bad Girls Club’s Shannade Clermont accused of stealing $20K from dead man who hired her for sex

Bad Girls Club’s Shannade Clermont who modeled for Kanye’s Yeezy campaign is accused of stealing $20,000 from man ‘who paid $400 to have sex with her’ and was then found dead the next day from a drug overdose

  • Shannade Clermont, 24, was arrested Wednesday on charges including wire fraud and aggravated identity theft 
  • Prosecutors said the man she visited in January 31, 2017, was found dead of a drug overdose the next morning in his midtown Manhattan apartment 
  • The man overdosed on cocaine and fentanyl, and authorities retrieved his iPhone, wallet and a condom from his home
  • Authorities said Clermont used stolen debit card information to try to obtain over $20,000 in order to pay her rent and phone bills and buy plane tickets
  • Prosecutors said that text messages between the victim’s phone and Clermont’s phone before show that they agreed the encounter would cost $400

Associated Press

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Convicted Killer Says He Doesn’t Regret Murdering His Cellmate — An Accused Child Molester

A California man said this week he had no apologies and no remorse for murdering his cellmate — who was an accused child molester.

Gary Dale Poole, 67, was sentenced on Tuesday to 75 years to life in prison for the April 2014 murder of Michael Stauff, 62, according to The Fresno Bee. Stauff was awaiting trial on child sex abuse charges at the time of his death, the Associated Press reported.

“Mercy was mixed with justice. He met his maker,” Poole said during the sentencing, calling the killing a public service.

His admission was surprising because he had denied his role in Stauff’s death at the Fresno County jail throughout his trial in March. He claimed that Stauff had commited suicide with torn bed sheets wrapped around his neck. The jury didn’t buy it — finding Poole guilty in less than an hour, the Fresno Bee reported.

Superior Court Judge Jonathan

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Two Accused Murderers On The Run After South Carolina Jail Break

Two accused murderers are on the run after escaping from a South Carolina jail during an electrical failure, police say.

Tyshon Johnson and Curtis Green escaped from the Orangeburg County Detention Center late Saturday night, according to a press release by the County Sheriff in charge of the jail, Leroy Ravenall, who called the suspects “dangerous.”

“Johnson and Green are each charged with murder,” the statement said.

A third inmate, Christopher Boltin, who faces carjacking and grand larceny charges, also managed to escape, but was caught on Sunday. Bolton’s father, Hoyte Boltin, tried to help his son evade authorities and also ended up getting arrested, according to The State, a South Carolina newspaper. The dad faces a felony charge of aiding an escapee, the sheriff said.

A fourth inmate, Tyree Hillard, was allegedly part of the jailbreak, but was captured before making it out of the jail. He faces two felony charges of aiding an

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USC Gynecologist Accused Of Misconduct Said Women Were Jealous And Couldn’t Orgasm, Report Says

A University of Southern California gynecologist who is accused of sexual misconduct dating to the 1990s said some women who reported him were jealous because they couldn’t reach orgasms or look like his younger patients, according to a report.

Dr. George Tyndall worked at USC for nearly 30 years, despite complaints about his conduct coming as early as 2000, the Los Angeles Times reported. 

The first complaints made against Tyndall came from coworkers and professional chaperones who accompanied students to doctor visits. Many noted that Tyndall had been taking pictures of his patients’ genitals. At least eight official complaints filed between 2000 and 2014 alleged that Tyndall made suggestive comments about patients’ bodies and would often touch them in ways that had no medical purpose.

More recently, complaints suggested that Tyndall had specifically been targeting the school’s Chinese students, many of whom had a limited understanding of English.

“I was blindly trusting of

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Man Accused Of Sex With Utah Teen Is Now A Suspect In Her Murder

Police believe a man who allegedly had sex with a Utah teen girl in 2017 is the person who brutally murdered her last week.

Shaun French, 24, was arrested Wednesday in Colorado after a nationwide manhunt for three counts of third-degree felony unlawful sexual activity with a minor, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. Police said he is a suspect for the killing of 15-year-old Baleigh Bagshaw, though he has not been charged for her death. He has been jailed on a $500,000 bond.

Bagshaw was found dead in her Salt Lake City home Monday after she had called her mom upon returning from school. Bagshaw’s mother heard her screaming and being “violently attacked” before the line went dead, Salt Lake City Police Sgt. Brandon Shearer said.

Shearer added there was “quite a bit of evidence” for the girl’s murder “widely spread throughout the home and throughout the area.” No further details about her killing have

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Manhunt Underway For Woman Accused Of Two Murders And Stealing Victim’s Identity

A national manhunt is underway for a woman suspected of killing her husband in Minnesota before driving down to Florida, killing a woman she resembled and stealing her identity.

Lois Riess, 56, is a suspect in the death of her husband, 54-year-old David Riess. After a business partner said he hadn’t heard from David for two weeks, police found David dead in his home in rural Blooming Prairie with multiple gunshot wounds. 

Police said Riess stole her husband’s white 2005 Cadillac Escalade, which was found abandoned in Florida last week, according to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Police believe Riess murdered a second person last week: Pamela Hutchinson, 59 of Bradenton, Florida. She was was found dead inside a timeshare condo in Fort Myers Beach, according to the News-Press in Fort Myers. Investigators said Riess shot and killed Hutchinson to assume her identity. 

Lee County Undersheriff Carmine Marceno told NBC News that she targetted Hutchinson

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Taylor Swift: Two Men Accused Of Separate Crimes Centered On Pop Star In Same Week

Look what you made them do!

Two men on opposite sides of the United States committed crimes in the past week centered on Taylor Swift, with one allegedly invading her private property and another attempting to impress her with a heist. The pop star herself had no direct connection to either incident.

In Connecticut, 26-year-old Bruce Rowley allegedly robbed a bank in Ansonia April 4 and then drove 60 miles to Swift’s Rhode Island mansion. Rowley, who said he had romantic feelings for the “Reputation” singer, threw some of the $1,600 in stolen cash over a fence, believing it would impress Swift, police said. He was arrested by Rhode Island State Police and confessed to the crime.

“It seemed he wanted to propose to her,” Ansonia Police spokesman Lt. Patrick Lynch told Hartford Courant about Rowley. “But she wasn’t home when he went there.”

Rowley told authorities he also planned to donate some of the swiped money. He has

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West Virginia Woman Accused Of Beheading Boyfriend Told Cops, "Let Me Get My Heads"

A West Virginia woman accused of beheading her boyfriend and dumping part of his body in the woods told police after her arrest that they must return her to the scene of the crime and “let me get my heads,” authorities said.

Roena Cheryl Mills, of Rural Retreat, has been charged with second-degree murder and appeared in court Monday for a competency hearing. A judge ruled she needs a psychiatric evaluation, according to WVNS-TV in Ghent, West Virginia. She is accused of brutally killing her boyfriend, 29-year-old Bo White, at his home in Lerona.

Mercer County Prosecutor George Sitler said in the court that Mills, 41, “was not very responsive” to officers and “just did not seem to be all there.”

On April 1, Mills emerged from a wooded area of Lerona covered in blood and wearing a glove on her left hand, police said. Someone alerted police after spotting her.

Police said Mills initially gave them

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Kim Wall’s Accused Killer Peter Madsen Showed Psychopathic Traits, Exam Finds

 The Danish inventor accused of dismembering and murdering Swedish journalist Kim Walls showed psychopathic traits, and had no remorse for cutting up her body, a psychiatric assessment found.

 Peter Madsen, 47, is on trial in Copenhagen for the murder of Kim, who took a ride with him for a story last August on a Nautilus submarine he built. He has pleaded not guilty, claiming Wall’s death was an accident, but admitted to dismembering her body and burying it at sea.

 Prosecutors last Thursday read aloud excerpts from Madsen’s psychiatric assessment conducted after Wall’s body was found.

 He showed no emotion when explaining why he removed Wall’s head, legs and arms.

 “What do you do when you have a big problem? You divide it into something smaller,” Peter Madsen told psychiatrists, according to excerpts cited by The Guardian. Madsen also reportedly said that “a dead body does not deserve any special respect.”

 The psychiatrists determined

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Ohio Man Accused Of Attacking Woman With Pizza, Throwing Tires

Pizza should never be used as a weapon — but there was a dramatic domestic violence incident in Masury, Ohio on Tuesday night, one that involved ‘za and tires rolling into the street.

Kenneth Evans, 24, is accused of pushing a woman’s head repeatedly as she was driving and throwing a pizza at her face. Police did not specify what the relationship was between Evans and the woman. Because it is suspected domestic violence, her identity has not been revealed.

He was arrested and charged with assault and criminal damage or endangering. He was released from Trumbull County Jail on Thursday, according to jail records. It is unclear if he has a lawyer who can speak on his behalf at this time.

Brookfield Township Police Department went to Evans’ home after they received a call about domestic violence. When they arrived, they spotted tires in the street and could hear yelling from the home. Police

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