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Erich Schuett & Olivia Hadad’s A STAGE DOOR KIND OF LOVE To Be Released March 30th.

Erich Schuett and Olivia Hadad, who appeared in the musical “Zombie Prom” at the Vineyard Theatre in NYC, have now made their first recording together–Chip Deffaa’s “A Stage-Door Kind of Love,” being released March 30th. The recording, which will be available Saturday from CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc., may be pre-ordered here:

Written, arranged, and produced by ASCAP Award-winner Chip Deffaa, the musical sketch “A Stage-Door Kind of Love,” presents–through music and words–the relationship of two teens who’ve grown close together at summer theater-camp. Deffaa notes: “It’s inspired by Stagedoor Manor, which is, along with French Woods, one of the two best theater camps in the world.

Olivia Hadad has actually attended the camp–as have assorted pros who’ve been in plays I’ve written and directed, or on recordings I’ve produced. A lot of talented people I know–from singer/actor Beau Cassidy to one of

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OSU’s Moore discusses a tale of the trees

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Timeline of the Smiley Face Killer Theory Investigation

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The drowning deaths of college-aged men left an impression on Kevin Gannon, a retired NYPD Detective. Gannon and a team of investigators began looking into the cases. Here is a look at the timeline of the Smiley Face Killer Theory Investigation.

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Roush Review: ‘True Detective’ Returns With a Haunting Mystery & Intricately Woven Story – Twin Falls Times

Time is of the essence in the intricately multilayered puzzle of True Detective’s mesmerizing third season, a return to form for creator Nic Pizzolatto. Curbing his tendency toward the loopy dialogue and mopey metaphysics that made 2015’s pretentious second installment feel like a self-parody, he puts story and character first in this long-awaited comeback season.

And what a character is Wayne Hays, a brooding Arkansas state detective haunted over three decades by a crime that shaped his life and career. Played with a simmering, festering intensity and sorrow by Oscar winner Mahershala Ali (Moonlight), Wayne is besieged by ghosts, literal and symbolic, when a true-crime TV producer puts him on camera in 2015. The goal: to recall the tragedy involving two small-town kids who went missing back in 1980 and what happened a decade later, when the case was fatefully reopened in 1990 following a startling twist.

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‘One Winter Proposal’ Is Part of Hallmark’s Winterfest of Original Movies

What is left once you’ve unwrapped Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas? For all you Hallmarkies, Winterfest has arrived to fulfill your need for romance.

This Saturday, you can catch One Winter Proposal, the sequel to One Winter Weekend, and what a difference a year makes! Since they met at a ski lodge, Cara (Taylor Cole) wrote a novel, Ben (Jack Turner) is ready to launch his snowboard company, and their relationship has grown.

Jack Turner, Taylor Cole (Photo: Steven Ackerman/Crown Media)

Cara’s best friend Megan (Rukiya Bernard) and Ben’s best friend Sean (Dewshane Williams) are too wrapped up in their busy schedules to give their relationship a chance to gather traction.

Wait for it.

The matchmakers, Cara and Ben, ask Megan to join them at the same chalet where they all met last year, neglecting to mention that Sean has become the resort’s new doctor. Believing their friends still

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Seasonal happenings: Still time to enjoy favorite holiday events

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‘Proven Innocent’: Kelsey Grammer & Rachelle Lefevre on Facing Off in the New Legal Drama – Twin Falls Times

Hell hath no fury like a woman wrongfully imprisoned. In the new drama Proven Innocent, Madeline Scott (Rachelle Lefevre) is a Chicago defense attorney on a mission to exonerate people convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.

Her crusade isn’t driven solely by a desire to see justice served: When she was 18, Madeline and her older brother, Levi (Riley Smith), were found guilty of murdering their friend Rosemary Lynch (Casey Tutton). The siblings spent 10 years behind bars before their verdict was overturned and they were freed. Now, Madeline is determined to spare other innocent victims. Sounds like we’re teed up for a triumphant tale of redemption, no?

Fox 2019 Midseason Premiere Dates: 'Gotham,' 'The Orville,' 'The Passage'  More

Fox 2019 Midseason Premiere Dates: ‘Gotham,’ ‘The Orville,’ ‘The Passage’ More

Plus, ‘The Masked Singer,’ ‘The Passage’ and more.

There’s just one obstacle: Gore Bellows (Kelsey

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