Charles Manson: What Squeaky Fromme, Sandra Good, Diane Lake Think Now | Crime Time

To one, he’s the man who saved her life. To another, he’s a vicious abuser who was only focused on his own preservation. 

It has been 50 years since some of Charles Manson’s followers savagely murdered actress Sharon Tate and eight others during the summer of 1969—but many of the women who followed the charismatic cult leader now have vastly different views of just who Manson really was. 

While some members say they feel “honored” to have met the notorious cult leader—who lived most his life behind bars before dying in prison in 2017—others now believe Manson “destroyed lives” of not only the murder victims and their families but also of many of his followers. 

 For many, life with Manson began as an idyllic refuge—full of free love, acceptance, drugs, and a greater purpose to care for the natural world.   

“He was the most confident person I had ever run into,” former Manson family member Catherine

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