Syfy’s 2018 ‘Twilight Zone’ New Year’s Marathon: The Complete Episode Lineup

There is plenty of understandable excitement ahead of Jordan Peele’s reboot of the classic sci-fi/fantasy anthology series The Twilight Zone, which is heading to CBS All Access in 2019.

While previous attempts at reviving this iconic franchise have not been very successful, Peele’s looks a lot more promising since it is clear through his work — particularly in a film like Get Out — that the writer/producer/director not only has a firm and respectful sense of the original series’ twisty, often nightmarish scenarios and storytelling, but also really understands the humanity and sense of social justice that creator Rod Serling wove into his stories to make them as thought-provoking as they were thrilling.

Meet the Cast of the Rebooted 'The Twilight Zone' (PHOTOS)

Meet the Cast of the Rebooted ‘The Twilight Zone’ (PHOTOS)

Three more big names just joined the Jordan Peele-helmed project.

You can see those themes of Serling’s

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