‘Timeless’ Returns to Say Goodbye in an Emotional Series Finale (RECAP)

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the two-part series finale of Timeless, “The Miracle of Christmas.”]

It’s appropriate that the word “miracle” features in the title of the Timeless series finale. The twice-canceled NBC fantasy-drama is the little miracle show. It’s escaped the clutches of death more times than Rufus. Despite all the odds against it, Timeless finds a way to survive, due in large part to the show’s loyal and passionate fanbase. Even though things seemed to be done for good when NBC axed the series (again) back in June, the Clockblockers never gave up hope, and that hope was rewarded with a Christmas gift in the form of a two-part series finale to wrap up all the lingering plots and mysteries.

Hope is something which runs through both installments of “The Miracle of Christmas.” When you’re hopping around in time and altering the course of human

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