How About That ‘Arrow’ Twist?! Breaking Down the Big Reveal & Maya’s First Episode

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 7, Episode 8 of Arrow, “Unmasked.”]

The new Green Arrow is… a she?!

Yeah, that was actually becoming sort of expected, since the hooded vigilante who had taken over in Oliver’s stead seemed to be more balletic and fluid in action than our previously scheduled bow-hunk. I mean, the pointed toes? The delicate body rolls? Plus, given the recent rise of girl power on the show, it makes total sense that the latest iteration of the Emerald Archer be a woman.

But damn, that last-minute twist was rich!

In the final seconds of “Unmasked,” the aforementioned femme fatale (Sea Shimooka) was seen on the grounds of the burnt-out Queen Mansion addressing the grave of her “dad,” saying that Oliver (Stephen Amell) was “more like you than I thought… and more like me, too.” Pan around to reveal that the headstone is that of the

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