18 reality shows debuting include Top Chef, Drag Race, Vanderpump Rules, and The Profit

RuPaul's Drag Race Holi-Slay Spectacular

Good Monday morning. It’s December, and temperatures here in the 40s have been replaced by temperatures in the 80s. That’s Florida, and it is not meant to brag: there is also 95 percent humidity this morning, so I am sticking to myself as I type this. It’s very festive.

Before we get to this week’s premiers, I’ve just published my quarterly guide to reality TV show premiere dates. Because I update it every time networks send out announcements with premiere dates, it currently reaches all the way into May, when The Amazing Race 31 will premiere in Survivor’s timeslot.

So check that out. But first, here’s what’s ahead in reality TV this week.

A new Drag Race competition airs Friday night at 8

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