Who Is The Green River Killer? How Detectives Played Into Gary Ridgway’s Personality To Prompt 48 Murder …

The Green River Killer evaded police for dozens of years before being caught and convicted of 48 murders in 2001. FBI profiler Mary Ellen O’Toole was a part of the team that finally forced confessions from him, a job which proved to be a daunting team effort, which took months. The extravagant interview tactics chosen by the team of detectives is shown in Saturday’s episode of Criminal Confessions, and footage from the months-long interrogation is spotlighted to show how truly trying the interactions were.

O’Toole was brought in when it became clear the Green River Killer, or Gary Ridgway, was not going to reveal necessary details, like the burial locations of his victims, on his own accord. She’s trained to interact with serial killers by casing their personalities: Ridgway had the shared characteristics of psychopathic personalities, including pathological lying and extreme narcissism. O’Toole used that to her advantage.

She explained to Newsweek her

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