5 Things We Learned from Oxygen’s True Crime Series “The Price of Duty”

The only thing America loves more than a high profile crime is a TV show that takes us behind the scenes. There’s just something about seeing puzzles pieced together like we’re a part of the game. If that kind of thing gets you hyped up, add tear-jerking confessionals, and Oxygen’s newest true crime drama, The Price of Duty, delivers just that.

But, no one ever things of the true price survivors on both sides of the systems have to pay when cases unfold in front of the world. The Price of Duty follows four detectives as they painfully relive their most haunting cases. With that said, here’s five things we learned from the first four episodes of this season.

Detectives Sometimes Form Bonds with Victim Families

The thing that makes The Price of Duty stand apart is the personal connection it makes to the main detectives of each case. In episode

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