Dying Teen Drags Herself To Side Of Road, Uses Last Words To Identify Murder Suspects

A 19-year-old girl was bleeding and dying, yet she managed to drag herself 100 yards to a roadside in rural Alameda County, California, to try to save her own life. 

Lizette Andrea Cuesta had suffered stab wounds and other injuries when people in a passing car saw her at 2 AM on Monday, according to the Los Angeles Times. Richard Loadholt was one of the good samaritans who helped her. He told KCRA-TV that he tried to console her and keep her conscious.

“I hope it’ll be encouraging to their family that their daughter did have the spirit to fight,” he said.

Another woman gave a blanket to the blood-soaked teen, who was airlifted to a hospital. Before she died, she was able to tell police who killed her.

“This victim really, really tried to survive. She fought,” said Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly, according to Los Angeles Times. “The last thing we

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