Police Confirm 4 Michigan Highway Shootings Are Connected

Michigan police say they have now established a link between four seperate shootings that occurred on I-94 and I-96 near Detroit last week. A Michigan State Police spokesperson now says that the “four shootings are one single incident.”

According to The Huffington Post, a Southfield woman’s vehicle was struck by a bullet on December 7 while driving on I-94. On Monday, the highway was closed by police as they looked for evidence. It’s unclear if anything was discovered.

The other shootings also occurred on December 7 in the early morning. Only one person was injured after a bullet struck his leg. The driver said he was heading westbound when a car pulled up near him and opened fire. Other cars were struck by bullets reportedly coming from a silver Impala. There is no known relation between the victims. No other shootings occurred following the incidents on the 7th.

“Detectives are currently interviewing a female from

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