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Former Kindergarten Teacher Jailed For Having Sex With At Least 6 Students, Threesome Included

A Texas kindergarten teacher who had sex with at least six teens will be spending a decade in a state prison.

Heather Lee Robertson, 39, accepted a plea deal Thursday which will require her to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life, according to KTRE. She could have faced up to 240 years in prison if not for the plea deal. She was facing six charges of sexual assault of a child and six counts of having an improper relationship with a student.

“Teachers are entrusted with our most valuable and most precious asset every day,” Angelina County Assistant District Attorney Todd Dillon said in a statement. “When teachers betray that trust in Angelina County, they will be held accountable for that betrayal, and they will face significant punishment.”

Prosecutors said the first sexual encounter happened not long after Robertson’s husband filed for divorce. She told police

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Woman Who ‘Proudly’ Stabbed Nurse 21 Times Is Up For Parole After Just 1 Year In Jail

A woman who stabbed her victim 21 times is already up for parole.

As KXAN reports, 20-year-old Pearl Moen was sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempted murder. She stabbed her victim, a woman identified as Katie, in Austin’s Hyde Park in November 2015. 

The victim is shocked. “I felt as though I deserved at least five years of not having to think about this,” said Katie.

In 2016, a diary entry was uncovered in which Moen appeared happy with her act. “I stabbed an innocent woman to death earlier today – technically yesterday since it’s 1 a.m.,” the diary read, per the arrest affidavit. “It was absolutely fantastic. Murder gives me a high unlike any other.” 

The reason for her quick parole is because attempted murder is not considered a “3G offense,” or, a very violent crime that usually involves a weapon. Those that are serving time for non-3G offenses are eligible for

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People Across The World Are Dragging Ohio State Student Who Was Caught Cheating On College’s Public Snapchat

An Ohio State University student identified only as AJ has found himself the subject of a public humiliation after texts, which show him attempting to cheat on his girlfriend, were posted on social media.

According to The Daily Mail, another student spotted the interaction and shared a picture of the text exchange on the campus’s public channel, The Buckeye Snap. Only a few hours later, the image had made its way to Twitter, prompting responses from users around the world proclaiming “F*** AJ.” Snaps poured in from the top of Mount Everest, Canada, South Korea and New York City.  

AJ was tracked down and his full name was eventually shared by the original poster to avoid implicating other men named AJ, leading to his various other social media accounts being widely shared. People also began sharing images of the offending AJ with his girlfriend, who was

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Dad Beats Daughter’s Boyfriend To Death After Discovering His Alleged Abuse

Two men in Tulsa, Oklahoma have been charged in the fatal beating of a hogtied man. The victim is the boyfriend of one of the suspect’s daughters. The daughter told police that she asked her dad and another man to beat up her boyfriend because he had been allegedly abusing her, the Associated Press reports.

Anthony Pietrzak, 18, was found dead on Thursday, just 3 miles away from him and his girlfriend’s home. The victim’s family said he and his girlfriend were pregnant, and that the baby was due for October, according to NewsOn6. Police received an anonymous tip about the murder. A caller told them that somebody named Anthony had been beaten to death and dismembered.

Sgt. Dave Walker, who runs the local police department’s homicide division, said a witness told detectives they saw a hogtied man being beaten, before being

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Former Elementary Teacher’s Aide Says He Filmed Porn Videos Of At Least 23 Students Because He Has A Child’s Mind

A former elementary school aide was sentenced to a century in prison on Thursday for filming children forced to perform sex acts on school grounds.

Convicted sex offender Deonte Carraway, 24, was already serving a 75-year federal sentence connected to this case. On Thursday, Prince George’s County Circuit Court in Maryland sentenced him 23 times, one for each child he abused. Carraway was sentenced on 23 counts of state child sex abuse and pornography charges, according to WBAL-TV.

“Today’s sentence is one that is fashioned to make sure that Mr. Carraway never has the opportunity to walk freely among us as a community again,” Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela D. Alsobrooks said. “This happened multiplied by 23, and it’s not just the 23 kids, but their family members who are here still crying.”

Prosecutors said Carraway sexually abused 23 students on elementary school grounds in addition to at their homes. Carraway

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Disturbing Texts Revealed From Woman Who Laced Infant’s Breast Milk With Drugs: ‘I Don’t Have An Ounce Of Guilt’

A woman, who has now fled her home state of Indiana, is accused of trying to kill her baby niece by putting Excedrin in her bottle of breast milk.

Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda, 19, allegedly poisoned the milk in January because she was upset that she had to share her home with her brother’s new family, according to CBS News.

The teen was charged on Monday with attempted murder, and remained at large Thursday. Police believe she ran away to Michigan after learning she was being looked at as a suspect in the murder attempt.

The baby, who was just 11 weeks old at the time of the incident, was not hurt. However, according to court documents, there was enough Excedrin tablets in the milk to kill an adult. Police believe that Rodriguez-Miranda was angry that her brother, his fiancée and their daughter moved in with her and her mother. She was allegedly annoyed

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Oxygen’s Rod Aissa Talks ‘Criminal Confessions’ and the Network’s Transition to ‘Full Time True Crime’

When Emily Lambert was reported missing by Robert Early, investigators were alerted to a crime that might have escaped immediate attention had he not called. Was Early a concerned boyfriend? Or, was there much more to him than met the eye? While investigators questioned him and as he went from interviewee to prime suspect, Lambert’s 2 young daughters waited for word on the whereabouts of their mom. Emily Lambert’s parents immediately made the 8-hour drive to New Mexico, never imagining they would eventually be the ones to raise the two girls. Oxygen’s new series Criminal Confessions, which debuts Sunday, starts with an episode about Emily Lambert’s case. It examines the process by which police investigators question potential subjects, in a manner that elicits a confession deemed admissible in a courtroom.

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Man Arrested For Threatening People With Hatchet Could Be Connected To Teen Girls Killed On Hike

There may be a new lead in the mysterious death of two teenage hikers.

According to People, authorities found a man threatening people with a hatchet in El Paso County, Colorado. They are now investigating a possible connection between the man, 31-year-old Daniel Nations, and the deaths of 14-year-old Liberty German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams.

Nations was arrested on Monday after allegedly threatening several people with a hatchet near a trail in Colorado where a man was murdered two weeks earlier. Nations is a convicted sex offender.

In July, Indiana police released sketch of the suspect related to German and Williams’ death. “It will give people a clearer image of who we are looking for,” said Indiana State Police Sgt. Kim Riley. The sketch was partially drawn from surveillance video footage, which shows a blue jacket walking through the woods, as well as an anonymous tip from the police tip line.

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Holly Bobo’s Brother Speaks Out On Being Named Suspect In Her Murder: ‘I Was Shocked’

The brother of Holly Bobo, the 20-year-old nursing student who was abducted and killed in 2011, spoke in an interview with ABC News about his later terror of seeing his sister abducted and how police initially named him a suspect in her disappearance.

“It was really hard knowing that if they’re looking in the wrong direction… it’s just that feeling of, ‘What if we never know? What if we … never find Holly?’” Clint Bobo told “20/20.” “I was just like, ‘What if this is never solved?’ I think that’s been my worst nightmare in this.”

Holly was abducted from the Bobo’s Tennessee home on April 13. That morning, Clint, then 25, got a call from his mother saying that a neighbor had heard a scream coming from their house. She asked him to check on Holly.

Clint looked out the window and saw a man dressed in camouflage walking with his

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Slain Teacher’s Angry Texts With Husband May Reveal Motive For Killing: ‘You’ve Ruined (Our Daughter’s) Life’

Less than a week since her battered dead body was found inside her home, the husband of a beloved Lynn, Massachusetts teacher was arraigned for her murder. NBC Boston reports Andrew MacCormack, 29, sobbed in Chelsea District Court Wednesday as he was ordered to be held without bail for the brutal killing of his wife Vanessa.

Now, police say text messages helped them prove the motive.

While photographs on social media painted a picture of love and devotion, prosecutor’s say the MacCormack’s marriage was coming apart at the seems. This was allegedly due to Andrew’s raging cocaine habit, a local dealer telling police he spent up to $500 a week on the drug, according to ABC affiliate WCBV. Andrew had reported the theft of the couple’s wedding rings and also claimed his bank account was hacked, however, prosecutor’s say it was all a ruse to cover his

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