2 State Troopers Allegedly Turned Off Recording Devices To Pressure Women For Dates

Two New Jersey state troopers are accused of pulling women over to pressure them for dates or to ask for their phone numbers. Both allegedly lied to dispatchers and turned off recording devices when approaching the women, according to the Associated Press.

Trooper Eric Richardson, 31, was arrested in June and Trooper Marquice Prather, 37, was arrested six months earlier. Both were charged with falsifying records. Police said their cases are not connected.

Court documents allege that Richardson threatened to arrest a woman if she didn’t give him her number. The trooper’s dashboard camera was turned off during that interaction. He also told dispatchers he had pulled over a man.

Police believe that Prather “routinely” pulled over young women to ask for dates, according to the AP. Court documents state that he would falsely report the gender of people he pulled over as male to disguise how many women he was pulling

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