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Teacher Who Had Sex With Student Gives Up License To Avoid Jail Time

A former high school teacher pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges related to a sexual liaison with a 17-year-old student, but will avoid jail time and may ultimately be able to have her record cleared. NBC affiliate WCNC in Charlotte reports Susan Sparrow, 41, has agreed to give up her teaching license and to avoid any Gaston County Schools property or any function where students may be gathered for one year as part of a deferred prosecution arrangement. Sparrow was arrested in December of last year, after authorities learned that she had sex with a former student of hers at Cherryville High School in North Carolina.

Police say the relationship began after Sparrow and the 17-year-old boy began flirting with each other on the social media app Snapchat, including the sending of nude pictures. She later picked him up in her car and took him to her home, where they had

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Women Who Left Newborn In Kohl’s Restroom Trash To Die Given Five Years Probation

A Louisville, Kentucky woman who left her newborn girl in a Kohl’s Department Store restroom trash to die pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Wednesday. According toWHAS, Jessica Price originally faced ten years in prison but instead she was given just five years of probation.

Price’s attorney had pleaded for the judge to have mercy on her client, who she says has to live with this every day. Price’s newborn baby was found dead in the bathroom of Kohl’s in August of 2013. The prosecution used a graphic photo of the dead newborn to argue the heinous crime deserved an actual prison sentence.

Price delivered the baby girl during a work shift in the Kohl’s bathroom. The baby was born at full-term and would have survived with even “basic care,” according to a report by the Courier-Journal. According to police interviews filed in court, Price thought the newborn was dead when

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Teens Accused Of Luring Victims On Dating Site And Stealing Their Cars

There’s plenty of fish in the sea…Two teens are suspected of casting a wide net on the dating app Plenty of Fish, to lure victims and steal their cars. According to WGHP, two teen girls in Guilford County, North Carolina used the popular dating site to “catfish” unsuspecting men.

The suspects were arrested on Friday for putting together the scheme. The girls, ages 15 and 16, reportedly used Plenty of Fish to pretend they were older to attract men. They would ask the male victims to pick them up and take them home. While the men were distracted doing something, the teens would steal their cars.

Authorities believe the two girls are behind at least four car thefts since April. 

The teens were finally caught after being spotted in a stolen car. The older teen faces adult charges of felony larceny of a motor vehicle, felony possession of a stolen motor vehicle, and

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In 1980’s Miami: A Morgue Rented A Burger King Trailer To Manage The Dead Bodies

Oxygen Digital is kicking off its first-ever themed month in June with Crimes of the ’80s. We’ll explore big trends (drug cartels), sensational cases (“The Preppy Killer”), the decade’s most lethal and infamous serial killers (The Night Stalker, The Grim Sleeper) and more. 

In the 1980’s drug dealers competed for Miami’s wholesale markets. The increasing violence was linked to the Medellin Cartel consolidating its control of the drug business. Gigantic smuggling rings arose in South Florida. In 1982, $100 million worth of cocaine was seized from a Miami International Airport hanger. As a response, President Reagan created the South Florida Drug Task Force and assigned then-Vice President George H. W. Bush to lead a coordinated federal offensive that same year. Miami became known as the “Drug Capital of the World” in the ’80s due to turf wars between drug lords. 

[Bush in

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Dog Sitter With Criminal History Causes $12000 In Damages To Woman’s House

 “We’re The Dog People.” No, that isn’t the name of a new Brooklyn hipster rock band, but the motto of, which specializes in dog sitting services. Unfortunately, one North Carolina women came home from vacation to find her house trashed by a dog sitter with an alleged history of criminal behavior she found through the service.

In an interview with Raleigh’s WRAL, Kathy Lipschutz says she found dog sitter Catelyn Carter through, and used her several times before hiring her to watch her two dogs while she was away Mother’s Day weekend. When she returned she found her home covered in “blood stains, vomit stains, feces stains,” as well as ten empty boxes of wine, marijuana, and other various drugs. Carter also brought as many as seven other dogs she was watching into Lipschutz’ home, one of whom got loose. Video of the home shows

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‘Gone Girl’ Found As Missing College Student Allegedly Faked Her Own Kidnapping

A 22-year-old San Jose State University student who claimed to be kidnapped at knifepoint from her apartment has since admitted that she made up the entire story, police said Tuesday.

“During the interview, the victim recanted the allegations and stated she fabricated the entire incident,” police said in a statement to KNTV. “The community is not at risk, and no suspects are wanted in connection with this investigation.”

In the woman’s initial story, she claimed that the kidnapper, who she did not know personally, had forced her to drive him to Oregon last Thursday in her own car, police said. When her automobile ran out of gas, she ran out of the car and hid in some tall grass until night, KRON4 reported, eventually escaping the kidnapper by flagging down a passing car.

She had described her fictional attacker as a clean-shaven black and Latino man in his 30s wearing a

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Man Accused In Portland Train Attack Tells Cops: "I’m Happy Now"

The man accused of stabbing multiple people on a Portland MAX train has been arraigned. 35-year-old Jeremy Christian was arrested for killing two people and injuring a third. According to Oregon Live, Christian admitted to his crimes, allegedly telling police, “I stabbed the two motherf*ckers in the neck and I’m happy now. I’m happy now.”

“Get stabbed in the neck if you hate free speech … I can die in prison a happy man,” the suspect told police while in custody following the crime. 

On Friday night, Christian reportedly harassed riders of the Portland train by shouting insults at two Muslim women and acting erratically. When 23-year-old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche tried to defuse the situation, Christian allegedly began stabbing people.  Namkai Meche and Rick Best, a 53-year-old Army veteran, were killed in the incident. A 21-year-old man survived his injuries.

Christian has been charged of nine crimes: two counts of aggravated murder, attempted aggravated

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Mom And Boyfriend Tortured And Killed 3-Year-Old; Put Body In Freezer

Jurors convicted a Napa, California couple on Tuesday of torturing a young child to death.

According to KRON4, 27-year-old Sarah Lynn Krueger and 29-year-old Ryan Scott Warner killed Krueger’s 3-year-old daughter Kayleigh Slusher in the couple’s apartment.

Jurors heard evidence separately against the defendants during the same trial that began in May.

Both Krueger and Warner face life without the possibility of parole for first-degree murder and a special allegation that the slaying involved torture. They both face an additional 25 years to life for assault on a child causing death. They will be sentenced in July.

Kayleigh’s body was found with 41 visible injuries as well as multiple internal injuries.  Authorities determined after the murder her body had been placed in a freezer, then left in a suitcase on a bed in an apartment according to KRON4.

Assistant Napa County District Attorney Paul Gero said

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Police Use DNA In Spit To Link Man To Murders of Two Young Women

Authorities used DNA from spit on a sidewalk to link a man to two 2011 slayings in Los Angeles.

According to the Associated Press, a man already suspected of sexually assaulting and killing two young women was tied to the crime after police analyzed the spit.

Geovanni Borjas, 32, was identified as a suspect in the killings of Michelle Lozano, 17, and Bree’Anna Guzman, 22, after Los Angeles investigators used a DNA testing technique known as familial DNA testing.  This technique is considered controversial. It allowed investigators to compare forensic evidence from the victims to law enforcement databases to identify likely relatives of the person who committed the crime. This particular search resulted in a match to Borjas’ father, whose DNA was on file from a prior arrest.

Detectives began following Borjas and after he spit on a sidewalk, they collected his DNA. That sample matched the DNA that was collected

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What is covfefe? President Trump’s late night typo sparks criticism, laughter

It looks like the late-night Tweeter in Chief has struck again.

Around midnight Tuesday, President Donald Trump sent out a strange message that read “Despite the negative press covfefe.” Nothing else was added to the tweet, which remained on the president’s Twitter feed into the overnight hours, picking up more than 53,000 retweets and 65,000 “likes.”

#covfefe quickly shot to the top of the trending list on Twitter.

No explanation was given for the Tweet and no correction was immediately issued. The “covfefe” usage quickly became a sensation on social media, with even the Merriam-Webster dictionary joining in the definition fun.