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I Spent The Holidays With Farrah Abraham At A Strip Club

There are a lot of ways to spend your holidays, and if watching women dance around with their tops off as Farrah Abraham has her picture taken next to a fake Christmas tree is how you want to do it, I can’t recommend a better venue for the occasion than Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club in New York.

While I have been to strip clubs before, I’ve never gone to one during the holidays, and I expected it to be extremely depressing. Only the loneliest of lonely hearts would pay for company when they should be with family, but the atmosphere was surprisingly convivial. Just a bunch of peppy perverts celebrating the Friday night before Christmas together, sharing their mutual interest in booze and boobs. As Headquarters is upholstered almost entirely in red, it even felt kind of like being wrapped up in a

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Time of Death? Check the Body’s ‘Necrobiome’

It’s a line you’ll hear in almost any crime show after someone finds the body — the detective turns to the medical examiner and asks, “Time of death?” But in real life, medical examiners don’t have a very precise method for figuring out how long ago someone died.

Now, researchers say they could use the bacteria found on the body to provide a more accurate way to pinpoint the time of death, according to a new study.

In the study, published today (Dec. 22) in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers examined the “necrobiomes” of 21 cadavers. The necrobiome, or the community of bacteria found on a dead body, changes considerably as time passes after death and the body decomposes, according to the study. [The Science of Death: 10 Tales from the Crypt and Beyond]

Currently, medical examiners estimate the time of death by physically inspecting the body for signs

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Girls Auto Clinic Is Empowering Women To Become Mechanics…Or "sheCANics"

Patrice Banks is part of Oxygen’s digital series In Progress 52. In 2016, Oxygen’s Very Real digital hub is featuring 52 of these outstanding women: that’s one woman a week, for 52 weeks. Check out the series here!

By now, very few industries remain completely untouched by feminism. Yet, every woman knows about that one glaring holdout: car maintenance.

Always male and almost always brusque, car mechanics have a universal way of alienating women – whether they’re overcharging us, condescending to us, or forcing us to wait in a fumy garage surrounded by greasy dudes. Even though female drivers outnumber male drivers in the U.S., we’ve largely accepted this reality. Many of us even tell ourselves that we don’t belong in the mechanics industry, or that we have no business going under the hood, ever.

Not Patrice Banks. She does it all in heels.

Banks is the founder of Girls Auto Clinic in Philadelphia, where

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Soulja Boy’s Charges Dropped Following Gun Violation Arrest

Good news for Soulja Boy. After being arrested for violating his probation last week, charges against the rapper have been dropped. “I am looking forward to focusing back on the music and new business for 2017,” Soulja Boy said in a statement per XXL.

Soulja Boy was arrested after he made threats on the Internet, hinting that he had guns at his home. After pleading no contest to an earlier charge of carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle, the rapper is not allowed to have a firearm. When cops arrived, they found a gun and he was arrested.

XXL shares that he was bailed out of Van Nuys jail in Los Angeles in under 24 hours. He then jumped back on social media, firing shots at rappers and his ex. “F*ck quavo, Lil yachty, and Nia Riley,” he wrote. “I ain’t going no where. Quavo called the police on me. Finna go f*ck my B*tch.

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Twitter Is Ruthlessly Roasting Lil Kim Again For Her New Pics

Here we go again. Twitter recently took aim at one of its most popular targets  — Lil Kim — again.

This time, what prompted the ruckus was a recent photo of the rap legend where her face appears unusually bright. The pic may actually be photoshopped, but that didn’t stop anyone on social media from going in on Kim.

It wasn’t all hate, though; a number of fans chimed in to defend Kim.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Kim recently responded to a fan who critiqued her appearance, writing on Instagram, “Ok but when the f*ck did I bleach my skin u miserable Moron! My plast post clearly shows that but u haters will always have something to say even when facts r right in front of ur face but I understand ur just doing

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The Only Survivor of the Derrick Todd Lee Murders

The author’s description: Divine Justice: The Dianne Alexander Story is inspired by an actual event. It gives in depth details about my encounter with The Southwest Louisiana Serial Killer “Derrick Todd Lee.” But most of all, the book speaks about divine interventions from the beginning to the end of my horrible ordeal. I pray that this book will help you to see that God is a God of “Love and Forgiveness.”

Harbor’s support for Trump shows times have changed

By William Yardley

Los Angeles Times

Before coal became king and the Rust Belt rusted, the Pacific Northwest began building an economy based on timber. The Oregon Country shipped its first load of logs to China in 1833.

A century later, as national politics and the Great Depression intruded, this remote and rainy corner of the country became an early West Coast battleground for workers’ rights, with bitter strikes silencing lumber mills for months. It also became a stronghold for the Democratic Party, a place where immigrants and their children embraced President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and his promise of solid wages for timber workers.

The region defied the Republican landslides that swept Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan into office in 1952 and 1980. It even stayed Democratic after Bill Clinton and later President Barack Obama sharply reduced logging in old-growth forests to save an endangered bird, the northern spotted

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Can you make a whole network out of crazy-lady crime shows like Snapped? ’Cause I can make a whole weekend out of them. Well, NBCUniversal may be trying, anyway—the company is exploring rebranding its Oxygen network as a crime-focused channel with producer Dick Wolf. Variety’s Cynthia Littleton broke the news, writing, “The discussions are a sign that even the largest cable programmers are feeling the pressure when it comes to under-performing channel assets. Oxygen has been in a ratings slump with few buzzy series to draw attention. . . . Oxygen already has taken steps to shift its programming focus by recently adding a ‘Crime-Time’-branded block of unscripted true-crime series on four days of the week, Friday–Monday, to capitalize on the growing interest in such docu fare. That block is producing 44 percent ratings gains over the year-ago performance.”

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Pregnant Tori Spelling moves for the eighth time in six years to Woodland Hills

Restless Tori Spelling has packed up her family once again, and moved to a sprawling 4,714-square-foot, 1980s-era estate in a gated community.

Tori’s transition into the five-bedroom, five-bathroom marks her eighth move in just six years.

Tori, 43, recently ditched her Encino, California, rental for the swankeier digs just nine miles north to the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, has learned. 

Other celebrities who live in Woodland Hills include LA Confidential actress Kim Basinger, Happy Days star Scott Baio, as well as General Hospital star Genie Francis.

Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott have moved for the eighth time in six years to make room for their fifth child together

Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott have moved for the eighth time in six years to make room for their fifth child together

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