Danielle Hudson, Chaz Blackshear: ‘Snapped Killer Couples’ Profiles Houston Taxi Cab Killers On The Oxygen Network

Danielle Hudson and Chaz Blackshear shot and killed two taxi cab drivers in Houston, Texas, six years ago. Oxygen will chronicle their story tonight on the documentary Snapped: Killer Couples. Danielle Hudson and Chaz Blackshear targeted taxi cab drivers and killed them for money, authorities say. On the show, Chaz Blackshear will give his side of the story from prison. Harris County police investigators are also expected to weigh in on the story on Snapped: Killer Couples tonight.

Snapped: Killer Couples:Background

Danielle Hudson, 21, was a single mother who hooked up with Chaz Blackshear, 21, an aspiring rapper from Dallas, Texas. When Chaz moved from Dallas and met Danielle Hudson, they quickly fell in love and moved in together in an apartment in Houston.

Authorities say that Danielle Hudson and Chaz Blackshear should have never met. The relationship, which was doomed from the beginning, played out like a Bonnie and Clyde

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