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Amber Rose Reveals Her Race So You Can All Stop Asking About It

There’s no doubt about it – Amber Rose is a stunningly beautiful woman. Whether she’s rocking platinum blonde pin curls or her trademark buzzcut, she kills it. But something people have always wondered about is her racial identity – so much so, that it’s become a common topic of debate in her Instagram comments, and Muva Rose has had enough of it.

While showing off her new vintage glam do, Amber clarified her race, once and for all: she’s Black, Portuguese, Irish, and Italian. 

Her reason for making a statement? “So now ya’ll can stop arguing in my f***in comments about it.”

I’m Black/ Portuguese/ Irish and Italian. So now y’all can stop arguing in my fuckin comments about it ????

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on Jul 19, 2016 at 4:53pm PDT


Amber’s annoyance is understandable – it’s not like she’s made some big effort to

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Lynette Pontius, Joseph Laverne: ‘Snapped’ Reveals Child Custody As Motive In Attempted Murder Of Michigan’s Martin Campbell

Lynette Pontius, the woman who conspired with a man to murder her ex-boyfriend, Martin Campbell, over a child custody dispute, will have her story reenacted on this Sunday’s Snapped on the Oxygen Network. This season, Snapped has brought you some of the most heinous true-crime stories of murder steeped in mystery. On Sunday’s show, listen in as investigators try to find out the identity of a masked gunman who shot a loving father in his own home.

Somebody Wants Him Dead

Kalamazoo, Michigan, is an average rural town that has its share of crime, but is still considered by many as a good place to raise children. But on a cold winter’s day in February of 2007, it became a true-life horror movie for one couple. According to authorities, 27-year-old Martin Campbell was shot in an invasion at his home on North Sprinkle Road located in Richland Township by a

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