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Virtually in Love: Online Dating Series Coming to Oxygen – canceled TV shows

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“That’s kinda crazy.” Today, Oxygen has announced their new online dating series Virtually in Love will premiere in May.

The series follows real people who are traveling to meet the person they’ve been dating online face-to-face for the first time.

From Oxygen executive Rod Aissa:

This series takes an in-depth look at couples who are stepping out of their comfort zones in order to move forward with their lives. As these romantic hopefuls confront their online relationships, the emotional stakes run high and reveal a genuine heartfelt scenario that is sure to resonate with our viewers.”

Virtually in Love premieres on May 24th at 9 p.m. ET/PT. 

Watch a preview and read the full details below:

New York, NY – April 20, 2016 – Oxygen Media takes the ultimate leap of faith when “Virtually In Love” premieres on Tuesday, May 24 at 9pm ET/PT. The

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Mitchell Sims, Ruby Padgett: ‘Killer Couples’ Profiles 1980s Domino’s Pizza Murders On Oxygen’s Documentary

Mitchell Sims and Ruby Padgett were two lovers who killed three Domino’s Pizza employees during a cross country crime spree in the mid 1980s. Their bizarre case will be presented on Oxygen’s Killer Couples, also known as Snapped: Killer Couples. On tonight’s episode, titled “Ruby Padgett/Mitchell Sims,” viewers will listen as the story is told by detectives, a retired FBI agent, a reporter, and a psychologist. Family and friends may also participate in the show.

Oxygen’s Killer Couples will detail how Mitchell Sims and Ruby Padgett made headlines all over the nation in December, 1985, after they killed three Domino’s Pizza employees. Mitchell Sims had worked at the establishment as a cook, then worked his way up to manager. But, he wanted revenge after he left the chain due to a dispute with his boss, the Los Angeles Times reveals. Police say what happened next would leave three victims

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Killer who had lover buried in backyard tried to flee prison by forging Dallas judge’s signature

Harris hired a 13-year-old and his uncle to dig Giles’ grave under the ruse that she was installing a pond, then got a man to pour a 3-by-15-foot concrete slab on top.

She posed as Giles in emails and texts, telling his family he was in New Mexico and needed some time away. Prosecutors say she even had a new boyfriend pretend to be Giles, dressed up in bandages after a supposed car accident, so she could gain access to Giles’ financial accounts.

Authorities excavated Giles’ body from his own backyard in 2007.

Garland police arrested Harris, but while out on bond she paid a teenager to confess to the crime, authorities say.

Police didn’t buy it. Neither did prosecutors, who took her to trial in 2009. Harris ended up taking a plea deal for 50 years in prison.

“It’s the craziest case I ever tried in my life,” said Healy, the former prosecutor now

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