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Beth Carpenter Loses Bid For New Murder-For-Hire Trial

A Connecticut woman has lost her bid for a new trial in a murder-for-hire case that landed her in prison for life and was depicted in books and TV shows.

A Rockville Superior Court judge on Tuesday rejected arguments by former lawyer and Ledyard resident Beth Carpenter that her lawyers made mistakes at her trial, according to a court ruling obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Carpenter, 51, was convicted of murder and conspiracy in 2002 for plotting with her lover and boss, Haiman Clein, to kill her brother-in-law, Anson “Buzz” Clinton. Carpenter and her parents believed Clinton, a one-time exotic dancer, was abusing his 3-year-old stepdaughter, who was Carpenter’s niece.

Clein ended up being the star witness against Carpenter at her trial, testifying that it was Carpenter’s idea to kill Clinton. He said he was in love with Carpenter and believed her niece was being abused, so he hired and paid

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