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A Princess of Mars, Part Four

A Princess of Mars Part Four

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Editor’s note: This is the fourth in our series of programs called “A Princess of Mars.” The story is from a series of books by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Last week, we told how John Carter observed a fierce battle between the green Martians and a race of red, human-like creatures. He also saw the beautiful Princess Dejah Thoris being captured after the battle.

A short

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Third TV documentary to focus on murder of former York mayor

The city of York, population less than 6,000, has been one of the most famous small towns in America this year. TV shows and small armies of camera-toting crews show up seemingly all the time. The fascination is for one big reason – murder.

York will again become a part of America’s fascination with sensational crime at 9 p.m. Sunday as a third television show focusing on the 2010 murder of former Mayor Melvin Roberts airs on “Snapped” – the Oxygen Network’s true crime show, which highlights female criminals.

York’s best-known female criminal, the oldest female inmate in South Carolina, is a real doozy. She was convicted of committing a murder on her 65th birthday while wearing a thong bought at Victoria’s Secret.

Julia Phillips, Roberts’ girlfriend of 10 years, a golddigger and convicted thief and killer, again makes a national TV appearance for the stories she told that nobody

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The Problem With Blaming Black Crime for Police Shootings –

GarnerYoutubeWhen a white cop
kills an unarmed black man, many blacks see a pattern of prejudice
that generates official suspicion, hostility and abuse based on
skin color. Many whites, however, say it’s the fault of blacks. If
they didn’t commit so much crime, they wouldn’t get so much
attention from police.