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‘Castle’ Season 5 Recap — Castle and Beckett’s First Christmas

STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLIONThis week on Castle, fans were gifted with the ABC series’ first-ever Christmas episode — but would Rick find Kate under his tree?

HOME ALONE | Christmas apparently is a huge — huge — thing for Rick, and as such he’s crestfallen to learn that both Alexis and Martha have broken tradition by making other plans for Christmas Eve. After venting to Beckett, he confirms that she is still on board to ring in the holiday with him. She tentatively nods, but stresses: “No presents. It’s too stressful for the first year” as a couple.

The pair’s planning is interrupted by their arrival at the crime scene, where a Santa-suited man “named” Kris Kringle took a fatal fall from… the sky?… onto the snowy Central Park lawn. We soon after realize that another 12th precinct duo

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