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I’m sure my Thomas would be with us today if he’d only gone and got that mole checked earlier

TOMMY Burns would be alive today if he had sought treatment sooner for a skin mole the size of a corn flake.

That’s the opinion of the Celtic legend’s widow Rosemary who today speaks for the first time about her loss and gives a devastatingly frank insight into how cancer claimed her husband’s life.

The mole on Tommy’s leg had slowly grown in size then changed in shape and colour.

But it was only after it started to itch that Tommy went to his doctor.

By the time specialists examined him and carried out tests they discovered he was suffering from stage four malignant melanoma – the most advanced and difficult to treat form of skin cancer.

Two years later, he was dead.

Rosemary is now at the forefront of the campaign to raise money for a proposed cancer research lab in Tommy’s name.

And she has pleaded with the public to make sure they seek early

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