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Health news: Oxygen therapy beats impotence

Health news: Oxygen therapy beats impotence

Daily Mail Reporter

In our
pick of top health stories this week an oxygen chamber could help prostate cancer patients avoid erectile dysfunction, a computer game that treats lazy eyes and chewing gum could help shorten recovery time for Caesarean section.

Oxygen therapy beats impotence

Man in hospital

Treatment: An oxygen chamber could be used to help prostate cancer patients

An oxygen chamber traditionally used by divers could help prostate cancer patients avoid erectile dysfunction. 

Many men with the cancer now undergo radical prostatectomy, where the prostate gland is removed. But a common side effect is erectile dysfunction (ED) caused by accidental damage to tissue and nerves during surgery.

This means the tissue in this area doesn’t get enough oxygen,

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Beetroot juice boosts stamina and lowers blood pressure

You can’t beat beetroot juice for boosting stamina

Fiona Macrae for the Daily Mail

Beetroot drink

A regular beetroot drink allows you to exercise for longer without tiring

Forget punishing gym workouts and jogging miles uphill.

The key to boosting stamina could be as simple as a glass of beetroot juice.

A daily dose apparently allows us to exercise for longer before tiring.

Just under a pint of beetroot juice a day also lowers blood pressure, boosting heart health.

With some of the benefits even surpassing those gained from the strict training routines followed by professional sportsmen, the researchers admit to being stunned by the results.

And they say that while the earthy tang of the juice might not be to everyone’s taste, it could have a big impact on everyone

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