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I’d Do Anything for You, or to You: They Clicked, Then She Snapped

Astronaut Lisa Nowak — she of the BB gun, trench coat and Depends — may be the current poster girl for that kind of crazy, but she has plenty of company when it comes to Women Who Snap Over Love:

* Amy Fisher. Who can forget the saga of the Long Island Lolita? Teenage girl falls hard for married, middle-age auto-body-shop worker (Joey Buttafuoco) and issues an ultimatum: Leave the wife. He says no. She gets a gun, walks up to the Buttafuocos’ front door in 1992 and greets the wife, Mary Jo, with a shove and a gunshot to the head. Mary Jo survives. Fisher does seven years in prison. After her release, she marries, has two kids and works for a time for a Long Island newspaper.

* Jean Harris. For 14 years, Herman Tarnower, the exceedingly rich doctor who invented the famous Scarsdale Diet, and the headmistress of the Madeira School

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